Moving: the good, the bad & the ugly

     So far, moving has been ever-so-slightly horrible due to the fact that we currently live in an apartment with a broken air conditioning unit that maintenance seems to be intentionally avoiding fixing. It was tolerable not having A.C. last week when it was in the 70s and 80s but now that the temperature has sky rocketed up into the 90s and we live on the fourth floor (heat rises, people, it rises), it's gotten to be rather unbearable. For example, I ALWAYS sleep with at least a sheet covering me. I feel so exposed and uncomfortable if I don't. Even in HAITI I slept with a sheet on. Last night was the first night I ever remember not sleeping with a sheet and in fact, feeling like if a sheet were to touch me I'd probably combust. I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and I was literally wet with sweat. Ugh. It's so hot here my brain feels like it's cooking and I can't focus on anything, let alone homework. many stairs...
     In addition, because the A.C. guys will need to get into the attic through the stairs above my bed, I can't finish setting up my room until they come, so right now it feels like a cluttered, claustrophobic, unfinished mess and if you know me at all you know that I'm a bit of a neat freak and therefore can understand why that is slightly stressful for me.
     In addition to the addition, because we leave the windows open all day and night hoping for a little breeze that never comes, we now have a whole colony of flies in our apartment that torment us as we sit in sweat-induced comas.
     So yeah, good times have been had by all.
IKEA haul 
     Moving itself wasn't too bad because we had movers come haul all of our junk up 4 flights of steps. However, John and I did buy a lot of odds and ends (groceries, furniture, etc) over the next few days and that we had to haul up the steps ourselves. I got a dresser from IKEA that took Melissa and I four hours to put together.......that thing is never coming apart.
     The apartment itself is beautiful and wonderful and I love it, but it feels more like a hellish prison right now than a relaxing home. In fact, I woke up early this morning so that it would be cooler outside and there would be a chance I could get ready without sweating before heading directly to campus and air conditioning to waste away the morning until my classes start at 12:30.
Target haul
     Yet another annoying thing about moving is that now there isn't a complex, Temple-staff supervised mail delivery process like I had at the dorms. While the package and mail delivery system at 1300 made getting anything take forever, you knew that when you ordered something you would in fact receive it. At this new apartment apparently that's not the case because I ordered a couple things on Amazon that were supposedly "delivered" at 7:22 PM last night but they are nowhere to be seen anywhere around or in the apartment building. Unfortunately, having packages stolen is a pretty common thing in this city, and in cities in general, so who knows if I'll be seeing what I ordered any time soon.
     So that's all the bad and ugly parts of moving...the good parts about moving include having a space all to myself that isn't full of loud, obnoxious freshmen/sophomores, having a dishwasher, having an actual living room and kitchen separate from my bedroom, and having a space where I can have people over (and more than three people at a time, too!). It's been fun decorating and setting everything up, but as I said, I'm anxious to get my room finished. Hopefully in the next week the A.C. will be fixed, my packages will come, and everything will start to fall into place.....until then, I will be accepting all fan donations of any kind.

-SE Wagner


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