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An Overdue Post

I haven't made a real post since the middle of October. Trust me, I have not forgotten the blog, in fact I think about it all the time. I've just be 'creatively dead'. When I first came to college I wasn't writing in my journal. I finished one at the middle of September and I just kind of stopped. I blame it partly on the homesickness or the fact that I was not happy where I was living. It was a rough transition from home to college. This means that a lot has happened since I last posted...

I turned 21.
I moved out of my old dorm.
I'm journaling again.
I'm reading again. 
I'm trying new things.
I'll talk about one thing at a time. I turned 21 this November and I wish I had something more 'wise' to say. I planned on making a post but nothing felt right. Overall, it was a really good but chaotic day. Swag and DL came down to visit me which was needed. Brady and mom came down as well and I was so happy to see them. I was still struggling with …

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