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I am happy

Today was hands-down one of my favorite days since arriving in Spain. It reminded me of my roots,
how far I've come, the simple pleasures of life, the willingness to say "yes" to uncertainty and adventure, the smallness of the world, and the ability to connect with absolutely anyone at any given time.

A month ago, my conversation partner here at the University of Oviedo invited me to go to a small town called Ribadesella with her and a few other people. I said yes, not having any idea who I was going with or what we would be doing. It turned out to be an amazing day, and the four other girls I met were lovely, bubbly, friendly people from all over the world: two from towns a little ways from Oviedo, a Scottish-American ex-pat, and a Brit. It was amazing to me that we could have conversations and connect over so much, in Spanish and in English (mostly in English, as the Spanish girls' English was better than us English-speakers' Spanish).

A few weeks later, someon…

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