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Things I Won't Waste Money on as an Adult

I spend perhaps too much time mulling over what it'll be like when I'm a Real Live Adult and have my own house I get to take care of. After dog sitting for my friend's family for 10 days, I kind of felt like I had a very small glimpse of what it will be like to have my own house. The difference being, of course, that in my own house, I'll know where things are and everything will belong to me. But hey, it was fairly close insofar as I was all by myself, had free reign and control over everything in the house, and was responsible for cleaning up whatever messes I made. The experience was great for the most part (except for that one day when I went to go get takeout for dinner and got into a car accident haha that day wasn't my favorite haha). But overall I really enjoyed the experience, but it did make me realize a few things about how I'd like to live when I have my own house. I realized that there are just some things I will never own, and some things that I …

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