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2020 Summer Update

This update has been harder for me to write and I know why but I'm not ready to share it. There are so many little things that I want to update on but they feel too fresh in someways. I don't think this update will be very long but we'll see when I actually finish it. Summer is my least favorite season and honestly it's when I usually get depressed and more anxious. I hate hot weather and unfortunately we've had our fair share of hot weather. I thought that last summer would be my 'last summer'. It would be the last summer before graduating and getting a job. That hasn't been the case because of COVID-19. I interviewed for a job at the end of June and ended up getting that job. I just started this week because everything slowed down because of the pandemic. I can't say much about the job other than it's in mental health. This whole week has been dedicated to the orientation and I can sum it up in one word: overwhelming. I had to go to Frederick …

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