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The Struggles of an INFP

I've taken the Myers-Briggs Personality test many times. I'm fairly certain that every time I've taken it I have gotten INFP-T. I am 89% introverted, 85% Intuitive, 94% Feeling, 54% Prospecting and 94% Turbulent. I feel like this personality type fits me almost perfectly. It's kind of scary. INFP's only make up about four percent of the population and I can see that. I wanted to shed some light on the struggles of INFP's...
1. I'm an introvert

Introverts are 'accepted' now more than ever (on the internet). Every once in awhile there will be a Buzzfeed post that basically tells you why you're an introvert (as if I didn't know). That being said introversion is less accepted in a the 'real world'. I get energy from being alone, in a quiet place, charging. This is specifically more difficult for individuals in college. There is always something to do and your friends want to go to it. I would much rather go to my room, binge watch Netfli…

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