What a Realistic Vacation Looks Like...

I always have an idea of how vacation is going to go. Every year we go to the lake and do the same things. I know this sounds incredibly boring but I love it. It’s nice to know what’s going on. It’s also really nice to not do anything for a week. Lake trips are every introverts dream. There is nowhere to go, you’re in the quiet woods, you sleep, you eat, you read and that’s it. That’s not how this vacation has gone. I’m currently on my third day of vacation and I haven’t read. I normally would have finished three books by now. But because of taking summer classes I am nearing the end of the semester. That means that the only thing that I’m thinking about is school and finals. The two things that I’ve done is take pictures and rant in my journal. I wanted to take the time to write this out. I have no idea what this is going to be. I think I just need to get this out. If I sound like a freak, I'm sorry.

Day 1: The tale of a broken boat

I woke up ridiculously late in my very messy bedroom. Sid, DL and Swag had come over the night before and I went to bed late. I looked at my phone and realized I wasn't finished packing. I ran around my room to pick random clothes out. I didn't take the time to fold I just shoved it all into a bag. This is very unhelpful for people who are forgetful. I almost forgot deodorant but I saved myself at the last minute. When I was finished packing I looked at my room for a while. I realized I had little time in this room before leaving. Then I remembered I didn't have time to reminisce and get sentimental. So I made sure there were no fire hazards that would destroy the house and went to the car. Ellie was with mom and I. I don't think I've ever heard a dog cry so much. This wasn't surprising though. My mom told me that I had to drown it out. I listened to Queen for the hour and a half drive there. When we did get there we unpacked everything and I ate a cinnamon roll. This was definitely the highlight of the day. When we were done we all went down the dock for a boat ride. Then we realized there was something wrong with the boat. (This surprised no one). We shortly realized that the boat was broken and we wouldn't be able to ride it. Everyone was in a sour mood after that and I can't blame them. We eventually went upstairs in defeat. I wish I could say that I took a shower but I didn't. That's another thing about vacationing in the woods, you don't shower that often. I honestly can't remember what I did from then to dinner. We always have pizza the first day. Normally, we buy the pizza because we're lazy and American. My mom decided to make the pizza this year. I love my mom's pizza but it takes a long time to make. Dinner wasn't ready until eight and I was about to eat someone. After dinner one of my cousins offered to do my nails. I would have been fine with this any other time but this was gel nail polish. It's basically nail polish that takes forever to come off. I said yes though and they did my nails for about an half an hour. I don't normally paint my nails because I don't love nail polish but...I let them do it anyway. Then my cousin told me that I had "Large/long man hands" because they wouldn't fit under the fancy nail light thing. There are worse things to be called and compared to. After putting on the fancy nail polish I went upstairs to have space. The house was pretty crowded at that point. I went back downstairs to sit with my family. We talked about our ancestry and where 'we came from'. My grandparents are fairly certain we're mostly German. I stayed until they started talking about politics. By that point I was tired and decided to go to bed early.

Day 2: The Tale of  Smore's & No Sleep

I woke up slightly earlier than I did the day before. I debated on whether to go for a run or stay home. I decided to stay home. I ate breakfast with Colt and then started homework. It was all great until people started to come into the house and be loud. Eventually, the noise became to much for me and I needed to leave. I put on my bathing suit and went down to the lake to sit on the boat. It was pretty depressing to be on a boat you knew wouldn't run. I took more pictures, threw Colt a stick a gazillion times and did nothing. I couldn't stop thinking about homework so I went back upstairs to finish it. Then I walked around the house, listening to music. I still haven't showered by the way. By that point I was feeling a down so I slept. I took a four hour nap and was woken to go make smores. I laid in bed and realized it was eight PM. I went downstairs, ate a pile of food and guzzled water. Then I went outside and fed Colt a marshmallow. I ate a smore and was ready to go back to bed. I got ready for bed and watched a bunch of YouTube videos. I was ready to go to bed around eleven or twelve. The cousin that I was sharing a room with was not ready it. It took me a while to realize my cousin was inebriated. I should have realized this sooner but I didn't. I am all for deep/thoughtful conversations but not this night. She asked if I was good with advice about guys. I should have told her that guys were the least of my worries. I thought that was pretty obvious. I just said no. I muddled through some pathetic advice and turned the lights off. I always sleep on my stomach and I was away from my cousin. I started to hear her voice and got confused. I couldn't tell if she was on the phone or reading out loud. She left the room for about an hour so I slept until she came back. At that point she was playing music on her phone and singing until three in the morning. Luckily, Swag was awake so I could text her. I never thought I would be grateful for time differences. She didn't go to bed until three in the morning. I know this because I was up with her. I fell asleep shortly after her.

Day 3: The Tale of Unmotivated IT People & Crowded Walmart's 

I woke up when my cousin woke up. I waited to get out of bed until they left. I had been trying to fix my school account all week. I forgot what my password was on Monday and was still trying to get it fixed. I had locked myself out of the account completely. All because I couldn't remember the name of my favorite actor. I know that my answer was right though. (eff punctuation). I called IT and saw a source of light. That was quickly gone when I didn't receive the email I was promised. I emailed my professor explaining the situation because I had an assignment due. Long story short: It didn't end well and I felt like a piece of shit. I went downstairs to eat breakfast, feeling depressed. It was also raining and cold outside. My parents wanted to go to Walmart and I went with them. Apparently everyone had the idea of going to Walmart because it was packed. I bought a notebook, tape and Ben & Jerry's. I knew I would eat the whole thing in one sitting. (I was correct). I'm sure I looked pissed the whole time. It didn't help that I hadn't done my hair or changed out of what I slept in. On the way out I got two movies from Redbox that I told myself I would watch. We went home and ate some lunch. I was still feeling very down so I went back upstairs to binge YouTube videos. I forced myself to lay there for a few hours. Then I knew I needed to do homework. I turned on one of my favorite shows as a child, Reba. That show was very underappreciated. I did Stats homework and felt a little confident about what I was doing. A few hours later I went downstairs to eat dinner. Mom had made meatball rolls. It's basically a roll wrapped around a meatball. The meatball roll was so good that I could have cried. I ate alone because I still wasn't the greatest person to be around. I went back upstairs. My back was in pain because of the uncomfortable bed I'm sleeping in. I sleep on my stomach which is terrible for your back. Uncomfortable beds do not help at all. I FINALLY took a shower after three days, yay! The hot water helped and relieved some tension. I went downstairs to make some tea and worried about the mouse. Oh we also have a mouse in the kitchen. Nothing was going to stop me from getting my tea. I drank the tea while ranting in my journal about the night before. It was in greater depth about everything that happened that day. Then I remembered why I love writing and journaling so much. I texted Sid about everything that happened, got emotional and then went to bed. I felt a slightly better though. This is why I am such an advocate for people to journal. It's so important for your mental health and self-care. 

Day 4: The Tale of  Failed Waterfall Trips

I woke up early, ate breakfast and looked for my mom. We knew it would be another rainy day and we didn't know what to do. I did nothing for the beginning of the day because I was drained. Then I found my mom again at the dock. I took more pictures and thought about what to do. I was determined to make today a good day. How could it get worse? I told my parents we should go 'hiking' and see a waterfall. Today was our last sunny day and I wanted to do something. At that point I insisted we take the dogs because they needed to get out. I was really excited to go to the waterfall mainly because it's the perfect place to take pictures. It's also great if you're not very outdoorsy but want to see nature. As we were getting closer we started seeing no dog signs. My heart immediately sunk. We realized that dogs were not allowed and we had to turn around. This place always let dogs in and it didn't make sense. I completely deflated and makes me frustrated talking about it. We turned around and I did my best not to cry. This was the one thing that I was supposed to control. This was the one thing I thought I could do right. We went on another hike that pleased no one except the dogs. I was holding back tears while kicking myself the whole time. I was the one that insisted to bring the dogs and it bit me in butt. I listened to Queen the whole way home and tried to shut off my mind. When I got home I took another long nap. When I woke up my family had gone out to eat. I know this looks bad but it's not. I don't love restaurants and I don't like big groups. It was actually a blessing that my family let me be. I went downstairs, still wary of the mouse and made dinner. I made myself a bowl of ice cream and went to the DVD player to watch my movie. To no one's surprise, it didn't work. I couldn't watch the movie. I'm batting a thousand right now. So I watched a documentary on TV? It was about presidents and I watched a woman shame Monica Lewinsky. This woman put the scandal all on a 'stupid girl'. I flipped off the TV, even though it wasn't the TV's fault. After that incident I went back upstairs to sulk. Then I had the idea to write this post. Again, it was a fight. The wifi isn't that great and everything is slower. My new laptop shut down and I realized that I need to send it back and get a new one. This wasn't a new occurrence. After I post this I'm probably going to go to bed. I'm not going to lie I feel a little defeated right now. That's a lie. I do feel defeated right now. I guess the reason that I wanted to post this is to be realistic. Vacation is not always sunshine, rainbows and happiness. I'm sure I'll laugh at this years down the line. Okay, I need sleep.



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