Some Photos That Make Me Happy

     I don't have any ideas for posts, which is why I haven't been blogging much. I'm just going to go through the pictures on my computer and post a bunch of my favorites.

I forget when this picture was taken, but it reminds me so much
of June. The calm, peaceful, easy first days of summer.

Gonna be honest here...never finished any of those books,
but it's a cool picture! I was clearly in a travel mood last summer.

This was taken in Philly this past December.
I love walking downtown around Christmastime
when the trees are up and they have a little Christmas
village where they sell little kitschy things like candles
and hats and novelty socks that are way too expensive.

My dad and I got to see this full rainbow when we were picking
my mom up at Reagan International Airport two years ago after
her trip to Haiti. I'd just gotten back from being in Europe with
my aunt for 25 days so this was my first time seeing my mom in
almost a month! (the longest I'd ever gone without seeing her).
The rainbow was a nice little touch.

This photo is no compositional masterpiece, but
it's pretty funny. Baby Jesus in his manger with a
pair of peas. Peas are one of Isabelle's favorite foods
and baby Jesus was one of her favorite toys to play
with around Christmastime, so it seemed fitting that she
brought him to lunch with her and shared her peas with him.

Murph does not like having her picture taken,
but I do it anyway for moments like this.

Sunset in Dessalines, Haiti last summer.

I got this ice cream after my car broke down for
the second time in a week and I was waiting for my
dad to come rescue me. There was a Dunkin Donuts/Baskin
Robins up the street, so I decided to carpe diem and make
the most out of an annoying situation.

Murph on moving day last May.

Center City Philadelphia.

Double rainbow! This was right outside my old house.

One night last year, my roommate and I turned off
all the lights in our room and turned on all our little
twinkle lights and it was so cute and cozy.

Driving to the airport in Haiti. The coast is so blue and beautiful
there. Haiti could be so much more beautiful if certain somebodies hadn't
terrorized the land and the people all those years ago (and continue to today).

Closed down florist shop in Cumberland, MD.

The Fruit Bowl, AKA the best grocery store in the world, home
to the most amazing selection of candy (unfortunately not pictured
here because there were too many people in the store and I didn't
want them to think I was taking creepy pics of them).

AP the photographer on our C&O Canal hike
last summer.

Well there you have it. Hope you are having a lovely first day of summer. Take advantage of the longest day of the year!

-SE Wagner


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