Things to do While Listening to an Audiobook

Image result for audiobook gifReading books is amazing, but if I'm honest, reading nonfiction books has never been my favorite thing, even if it's a book I really want to read! I have found, though, that I get way more out of an informative/self-help book when I listen to it rather than try and sit down and read it in hard copy. When I try to read it on my own, I get distracted really easily, and it can take me forever to get through it and get the most out of it. So for me, listening to an informative piece is the way to go. I also enjoy listening to novels sometimes too, just because I can get other things done at the same time if I want to, which can be really nice. The only unfortunate thing about listening to books in my personal opinion is that while you can definitely do other things while listening, you can't do exactly whatever you want. What I mean is that when I'm listening to an audiobook, I have to be committed to do a project that doesn't require a lot of brain activity or thought or else I will definitely not stay focused on what I'm listening to, and then I'll miss big chunks of the book. So, I've compiled the following list of activities that don't distract from audiobook content, but still help you feel like you're getting things done while listening!

1. Clean/Organize
     These first two are clearly the most productive use of your time while listening to an audiobook, and some of the most satisfying as well. I mean, who wants to do chores in the first place? Not me. So if I have something good to listen to while doing mindless manual labor or projects around the house, it makes the experience much more enjoyable.

2. Wash the dishes
      Washing the dishes is also a great time to watch Netflix or YouTube too, but it's a great time to listen to a book because washing the dishes really only occupies your hands and your eyes, so the rest of your brain is free to get lost in bookworld!

3. Color!
     This is one of my favorite pastimes while listening to an audiobook! I love adult coloring because it's so relaxing and fun, but it definitely takes a long time, so I don't do it as often as I'd like because I can end up feeling guilty for not doing something more useful. BUT, when I listen to a book while I color, I feel like I'm killing two birds with one stone, and neither activity distracts from the other.

Image result for audiobook gif4. Drive
     Okay, I've actually never done this, but I seriously have no idea why! I totally should! I love listening to the radio and podcasts while driving because it keeps me from being bored and/or getting too "in my head". An audiobook would definitely have the same effect.

5. Craft
     I have been in such a crafty/DIY/upcycle mood lately (which doesn't jive well with being stuck at college with no supplies/tools/room to do projects...but I digress). Crafting is the perfect time to listen to things like podcasts and audiobooks because the two things utilize the opposite sides of your brain (yeah that's not scientific at all, but that's what it feels like).

6. Walk/Run
     Walking to and fro around campus is a great opportunity to catch up on your favorite book, especially when it's cold and you'd love a distraction.

     If you've never really given audiobooks a try, I would greatly recommend it, especially to a college student who might want to get back into pleasure reading but just doesn't feel like it after reading endless textbooks. One audiobook app I would definitely recommend is Audiobooks, which has thousands of public domain books recorded by real people, and they're all free since they're books published before 1947 (and some published after). Hope some of these ideas for what to do while listening have been helpful!



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