A Sick College Student

On Thursdays I have class from 11:30 to 9:00 at night. Luckily this is only on Thursdays and I tell myself that it’s not that bad. Compared to last semester I convinced myself I could handle it. On Thursday I wasn’t feeling myself. I told myself I was psyching myself up to be ‘sick’ because I didn’t want to go to school. Then I got home, ate dinner, felt nauseous and went to bed early. I felt fine the beginning of Friday but it only got worse through out the day. I don’t have school on Friday which is a blessing. I started to panic though because I had homework to do and college transfer stuff I planned to finish this weekend. (I thought I knew where I wanted to go and now I'm back at square one). My brain and stomach was not having it though. When you’re a kid you get excited to be sick.
Colt and I always share crackers
It’s nice because you can afford to miss school, watch TV and basically do nothing. When you’re in college there is always something to do. That being said laying in bed, wearing pajamas and doing nothing for days was nice. I didn't do anything on Friday but read a little and try to sleep. There was one bright side to the day. Swag got her wisdom teeth out on Friday and sent a picture of herself she didn't remember sending and it was hilarious. So thank you Swag for brightening my day.
Thanks WebMD
Normally I'm sick one day and then fine the next. Not anymore. I was still sick on Saturday. I did the bare minimum with homework and went back to trying not throw up. I also read four hundred pages which I was very pleased with. The first book was depressing but the next one is better. I think after this I'm going to make more of an effort to read more. I know there will be more reading in the semester later on but I love reading. It's sad that I needed to get sick and confined in a room to remember that.
Now it's Sunday and I'm trying to convince myself that I'm completely fine. Thankfully tomorrow is a 'day off' despite the fact that my classes are online on Monday. By Tuesday I'll have to get back to the 'real world'.


P.S. What are these label things? Have we had these forever and I didn't know it?


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