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     Yesterday I hosted my very first radio show ever, live on the air for a whole hour! I should have probably posted about this a few days ago so you could have tuned in and listened if you wanted to, but I was kind of hesitant to do so for fear I would mess up and completely flub my first on air experience. The good news is I didn't! I didn't mess up at all really! It was actually super fun and now I feel so accomplished! I'm going to be live on the radio every single week! How awesome is that?
     So, if you do feel like listening, you can tune in to 90.7 WVMM if you're within a 10-15 mile radius of Messiah College, or you can go to and scroll down to the Radio Play Bar, which looks like this:

My radio show is every Wednesday afternoon from 4pm-5pm (and after me, my friend Maddie has a show from 5pm-6pm, so you should check her out too!)

For my first few shows I will most likely stick to just music, and mostly in the indie/alternative realm. But as I get more comfortable with the equipment and everything, I plan on having themed playlists (Oldies, 80s, Roadtrip, etc.) and maybe talking a bit on the air about some of the songs. Gradually I hope to progress to having a talk show with interviews, but, of course, it will take some time to build up to that. Let's just say that for now, I'm going to have fun jamming out to my music and you can join me every Wednesday afternoon if you feel like it!


P.S. Every time I think about myself in the radio studio, I just think about these parts from Pitch Perfect, so here they are for you to watch also (my experience is a lil different, LOL)...

(Can we take a second to appreciate the Naked & Famous song playing in the background at the beginning? And of course all the other awesome songs in this soundtrack)

There is no rude British hunk at the radio station I DJ for... probably for the best.



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