Sophomore Dorm VS Freshman Dorm

    So pretty much the only similarity between the dorm I had last year and the dorm I have this year is that they are both, yup, dorms. And I guess the furniture is basically all the same too more or less. But the point is, they're very different spaces, and with change comes improvements and drawbacks. So here is a list of how my new dorm room compares to my room from last year. (Oh, and the surrounding areas too.)

Ways my sophomore dorm is NOT as nice as last year: 

-So the location of my dresser this year is not ideal. The drawers are a little inhibited by my desk, but I don't think it will be too much of a problem since I'll never really need to pull my drawers the whole entire way out anyway.

-My wardrobe isn't as functional as last year. My old wardrobe had two drawers in the bottom which I used for shoes and snacks (not the same drawer, I promise). But now my wardrobe is just kind of open in the bottom with a big but very useless high shelf above that I can't even really reach...

-Last year, Marina kept the tangle of lights and wires and whatnot in her little corner, and I didn't realize how grateful I was for that sacrifice till now. Now I have a tangle of wires in my little corner. It's not too ugly though, and it's a necessity, so I'll deal.

-The view from the window in this room doesn't seem like it'll be as interesting as the view last year. Plus last year my desk was right in front of the window which was one of my favorite parts of the room. But now my desk is facing the cork board, which I also really like, but means I don't get to people watch when I should be doing honestly probably an improvement.

-The bathrooms are much different: there's no designated changing area in every shower and when you shower it feels like you're getting the whole entire floor wet (which I guess you actually are). Also, there's only one soap dispenser??? And just a very skinny ledge above the sinks that's kind of good for nothing.

Ways my sophomore dorm IS nicer than last year: 

-MY BED IS ON THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is by far the largest improvement. I know I got used to sleeping on the top bunk last year to the point that there were definitely things that I liked about it. But there's also a lot to like about a bed on the cold hard ground. Such as the fact that I can use it as a place to sit!!!! Last year I was relegated to my desk chair anytime I wanted to take a load off. But now I can just plop down on my bed! What a luxury.

-The outlets are in NORMAL REASONABLE places! There's not nearly as many as there were last year, but I don't think we'll need that many anyway. I have two right next to the head of my bed, and two right next to my desk (glory be!)

-The window is in a convenient place to open! You don't have to lean over any beds or desks if you want to let in some fresh air.

-The wifi doesn't suck nearly as much in this room as it did last year. In fact, when I'm in bed I get all 3 bars of wifi! At my desk I get a solid 2. So I can definitely deal with that.

-The room is right next door to the bathroom, which is nicely convenient.

-The room is on the first floor...although since the building is built on a hill, you still actually have to walk up stairs............

-There's just more space in general. We have a whole bare patch of floor! That definitely needs to be covered in a cute rug at some point in the near future because the carpet is super drab.

-The walls are completely covered in cork board which makes it really convenient to hang things! And whereas last year I had barely any wall space just for myself, I now have a whole entire wall to cover. It's glorious.

-Since I now have a bed on the floor, I now have my very own storage space under the bed, so I don't have to share with anybody.

-There's a big mirror on the door-- way bigger than last year-- and the lighting is way better so you can actually see yourself in it.

     Those are all the things I've noticed so far. I'm sure more annoyances and perks will crop up as the year goes on. But overall I'm very pleased with this new room!



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