Ready Or Not

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I was so not ready to leave home and come back here. But this morning when I woke up in my new dorm bed (WHICH IS ON THE FLOOR HALLELUJAH THANK THE LORD NO MORE BUNK BED) I didn't feel quite so bad. It definitely doesn't hurt that my new dorm is so stinking cute I can't even handle it, or that as soon as I got back on campus I was bombarded by a million texts and requests to stop by for a visit. I guess I kind of forgot I actually have friends... Leaving home still feels sad. There was a lot I didn't feel like I accomplished at home, and a sense of being ripped away just when all the good things were about to start happening. But it doesn't really matter does it? I have to be here whether I like it or not because I'm paying for it and I committed to my education here. So, with that, I'll just try to make the best of this coming year. Which of course starts out with a blog post and pictures of my adorable dorm  room!

Here's my whole area put together...

And here's a close up of my desk area. Rachel (my roommate) had the great idea of hanging the lights just over my desk section. 

Here's my shelf and dresser, and hanging above it are these adorable lights Rachel brought. 

Here's a closeup view of my bed, complete with Elvis poster.

Here's Rachel's side of the room.

I didn't picture the wardrobe because it's not cute in any way shape or form yet, but as the year progresses, I'm sure I'll add photos and stuff to spruce it up a little bit. You also don't get a good sense of the floor space from these pictures, but let's just say there's way more open floor space than there was in my dorm last year, and that just makes it feel way less cramped in here. That's all for now, but stay tuned for a dorm room pros and cons post in the next coming days. 



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