Thursday: The New Best Day of the Week

     Today has just been a great day so far. Nothing huge has happened. Just a series of little things. First of all, it's AB's 19th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So crazy and so exciting. Hopefully it's been a good day for her. After waking up and texting her a happy birthday wish (which led to her discovering that in the new iPhone update, balloons rain down on your screen when someone wishes you Happy Birthday) I went to my Comm class where I knew I would just get to sit back and relax for an hour and fifteen minutes listening to my fellow classmates give speeches on a variety of random topics. I don't have to give my speech until Tuesday of next week, so it was a nice class of doing nothing. I actually learned a lot! Like that the word "lacrosse" actually came from English people in the 1800s because "crosse" means "curved stick" and that's what they called the sticks used by Native Americans during the sport. I also learned that the Rubik's Cube is one of three toys that has not lost popularity in the past forty decades, along with the slinky and play doh, and that the fastest time a Rubik's Cube has been solved is like five seconds! I also learned the basics of Spike Ball and Tap Dancing, and the importance of Foster Care and the Operation Christmas Child project. I actually really enjoy listening to speeches like that, (especially the ones given by cute boys teehee). I can't wait to grace the class with my knowledge of Japanese Geishas on Tuesday!
     Then I went to Chapel, and afterwards, there was a group passing out free popcorn, which smelled absolutely heavenly, and a girl thrust a bag of popcorn my way which I took gratefully! Stapled to the bag was a card about the possible re-opening of another cafe on campus, which would be awesome because I will admit some of the food here is getting kind of old.
      It's also just a lovely day. It looks all overcast and autumnal, and the wind is gently blowing leaves everywhere, but it's not actually freezing cold or overly hot. It's just a nice in between temperature.
     I'm also miraculously caught up on all of my school work, except for coming up with an idea for a news broadcast, but maybe my partner will be able to think of something too?
     Anyway, now I have a five hour chunk of time before I have to do anything else, so you know what? I'm going to take a nap. And then maybe I'll watch an episode of Dance Academy. Free time is just grand, isn't it?


Image result for thursday best day of week     Okay, so I woke up from my nap at 4pm and was completely disoriented, as always. Emily had left the room and turned off the lights, so I went to sleep in lightness and woke up in darkness and thought it was like 8pm. Also my breath tasted terrible and I just felt weird in general and kind of had a headache. Naps, why do you treat me so badly?? I'm fine again now though.
     We found a rock outside for the turtle (Who is now officially named Shella) and then cleaned her water, so our room smells a little less like poop. Now we're all three going to go to dinner in like ten minutes which should be fun because we haven't had a meal all together for like three weeks. So I guess I'll leave you with that. :)



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