The Wall (No, Not That Wall)

     I've been pretty seriously lacking in motivation lately. I'm just ready for Thanksgiving. And after that, I'm ready for Christmas. Unfortunately, I have two papers and a project to do over Thanksgiving break, so that won't be all that fun. However, I also have an entire week off of school, so no complaints there. Anyway, I've hit that wall where I've quit before quitting time, so now I'm hoping I can just make it through this last week. And once I do, there better be some dang good food at the finish line. Mmhmmh.

Day 1081 Song Recommendation: "Kids" by OneRepublic. Thanks to DL for the song rec again.
Day 1082 Song Recommendation: "Words" (Blonde Remix) by Birdy. Thanks to DL for the song rec yet again!

-SE Wagner


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