HAPPY BIRTHDAY AB (also sidebar about zits)

     You know what's great? Acne. I've been blessed enough to have acne basically all over my body (I exaggerate only slightly) and one thing acne has taught me is...how to hide acne (i.e. turtle necks and makeup). In all honesty though, I feel like everyone should experience acne in their life. I remember in middle school when I had acne and none of my friends did and sometimes someone would be like "You have a pimple right there" (as if I wasn't acutely aware) and then in high school when they got acne too suddenly they didn't say a word! I feel like I might've been one of those people who pointed pimples out, had I not been given the wonderful opportunity of experiencing acne first hand. Acne teaches you to appreciate the good days, when you can wash your face and not feel bumps, or look in the mirror and not see little red boils everywhere. It also teaches you to be way less critical of other people and to accept the fact that we're all a little ratchet, on the inside and on the outside. But it's okay because we can get together and be ratchet together! Happy Friday, everyone! Spread the acne love.
     In other news, this post is dedicated to AB, who has a weird obsession with skin blemishes. You are an amazing person, inside and out, and one of the least ratchet people I know. I wish that we could find a way to teleport between Smithsburg and Philly. Until then though, keep being awesome where you are and keep blessing the world in all your ways. You've only been here 19 years and look at all the good you've done...imagine 90 more years...(yes, you are going to live to be 109 years old). Anyway, happy birthday. I wish I could've been there...

Day 1076 Song Recommendation: "Cold Is the Night" by The Oh Hellos.
Day 1077 Song Recommendation: "Young North" by The Paper Kites.

-SE Wagner


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