Things My Hair And I Are Tired Of Hearing

I can finally do my hair. It took me almost 19 years.

I was going through my journals and I found something interesting. I found myself writing down the things that people have said to me about my hair. It is unbelievable what people will say to you. I know I've said some stupid things, but why? Why would you say that to someone?
Since Swag is getting her haircut this week I thought I would give her a heads up. Hopefully people won't say this stuff to you.

  • It's a great 'summer' haircut."

It would have been a nice thing to say. If they hadn't said it a bunch of times in the next hour. Also when they won't look at you while they say it. Pixie cuts are also a great 'winter' haircut.

  • "Wait, you're not growing it out? Why?"

Thank you.

  • "We have the same hair cut." -The majority of guys I meet.

I might attack one of them some day. You wish you had my hair. 

  • "Can I touch it?"
What it looks like afterwards.

  • "But your long hair was pretty."

I hope you don't have these experiences Swag. You probably will hear one of these. Those people are just jealous. You're going to look amazing. Probably way better than I do. I can't wait to see what it looks like. 
DL, are you next?



  1. Your hair is goals and everyone else is just jealous. Keep slaying, girl. <3


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