Moments of Silence

     One thing I've confirmed about myself throughout my months at college is that I'm not good at starting/continuing conversations with people I don't know very well. I guess part of it is that I'm okay with silence. Like I don't mind walking beside someone for a few minutes and not talking about anything. It doesn't feel inherently awkward to me. It's only awkward when I know the other person thinks it's awkward. We kind of live in a world where everyone's always filling the emptiness and sometimes I like to just rest in the emptiness and not try to fill it. I don't necessarily want to talk about the weather. I'd rather just walk in silence and feel the weather. Ya know? But then I come off as socially inept, awkward, and/or aloof, none of which are conducive to friend-making. So I guess sometimes I just have to keep my oddities to myself.

Day 1068 Song Recommendation: "My Lighthouse" by Rend Collective.

-SE Wagner


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