Mini Os!!!!!

     I've been so busy lately! Ah! I can't wait to curl up in my bed and sleep for dayyysssss. Or a solid eight hours would be nice too...It's been rainy, overcast, and cold the last few days but in some ways it's been kind of nice and autumnal. Yesterday instead of going to FNL, Temple GCC family groups met at the Tyler School of Art and made banners for the mini Olympics (which happened today) and then practiced for the different events. Our banner took a while to make and there was a lot of random smacking of paint onto the canvas (and resorting to finger painting because there weren't enough brushes) but I think our banner turned out pretty dope. The other banners were amazing too.
Making our Refresh banner.
Refresh Fam FTW!
     This morning I woke up (voluntarily) at 7 A.M. for mini Os which was so much fun! We did all these ridiculous relays and games and cheered until we were hoarse. The relay I was in involved me being covered in a roll of toilet paper, fireman carried to the end of the field, and then another girl was piggy backed blindfolded across the field, where she received a banana that she had to feed to the guy piggy backing her (while still on his back), and then once the banana was eaten two of our relay team members had to each catch two cheese puffs in their mouth (tossed by two other members of the team), then I was fireman carried again, then we formed a human circle around one person and ran to the end of the field where three members had to spin around in a circle, run forward, grab a pen out of a thing of non-Newtonian fluid, assemble the pens into a "lightsaber", and pop a balloon, thus ending the relay. And we had to do it TWICE because we advanced to the next round! Both rounds I was the first one to get TP-ed all the way...#VIP.  Just kidding, it was all Eddie and Dan. All I did was spin and get dizzy. There was another relay plus three other games and a tug-of-war final (we got into the semi-finals for tug-of-war!) We got second place over all which was awesome! Temple has never won the "Covenant Cup" in all 19 years of mini Os...sad face. Maybe next year. Except sophomores ref the mini Os so I won't be participating next year. Oh, and all of Highline Field was covered in mud and we got pretty filthy. My shoes cleaned up pretty nicely in the shower though. Anyway, it's been a super fun three days and now I'm going to bed!!!! 

Day 1042 Song Recommendation: "It's Not Over Yet" by For King & Country.
Day 1043 Song Recommendation: "Walking on a Dream" by Empire of the Sun.
Day 1044 Song Recommendation: "River" by Bishop Briggs.

-SE Wagner


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