Busy Busy Busy

     You may assume I haven't posted anything because not much is happening, but in fact, this time, it's the opposite. Lots has happened! On Friday, me and Emily went to the Sustainability Club's fall fest, which was really enjoyable! We painted pumpkins, made smoothies with a blender powered by a bicycle, and talked about bees with this guy from a nearby apiary who had the most gorgeous and compelling eyes I've ever seen. Coincidentally, they looked like the honey he was making. Then that evening, Emily did my hair and makeup for Homecoming and the three of us went to the dance looking spectacular. It wasn't as fun as the BSU dance, but everyone looked great, and there was a photo booth! We left early though, which was okay.
     On Saturday me and the roomies went to go see the Lost Film, which was Eye in the Sky, and it was good. Then on Sunday, it was the bicentennial celebration at Slate Hill, so I learned some of the history of my new church, as well as got to partake in a fellowship meal, which was of course delicious. After church, Emily insisted that we all get dressed up and go take "family pictures" by the covered bridge. I was already in my church clothes, so I just let Emily do my hair and makeup again (I'm not one to pass up primping) and then we headed down to the bridge. Of course there were oodles of photo ops along the way, so we took probably at least 50 pictures and they turned out really cute and I can't wait to see them all printed out. Then we had a "family dinner" at Lottie. It was the first time the three of us have eaten all together in a long time, which seems weird since we live together...but it was really nice. Maybe we should make it a tradition. We discussed attractive guys, Halloween costumes, favorite foods, just about everything. Then at 7 on Sunday evening, I went to a game night for my Peer 2 Peer club, and it was really really fun, which was a pleasant surprise! We played this game Quelf which was hilarious. It was like the stupid kind of funny, and I love dumb corny humor like that. I would highly recommend the game to anyone who wants to have a good laugh, because by the end of it, I think everyone had the giggles. And everyone in the club is sooo nice! It felt like playing board games with good old friends.
     Nothing too exciting happened during the weekdays, except that I've had more work than usual this week, so it's starting to feel like crunch time because the semester is hitting its halfway point. Plus, the orchestra concert is fast approaching, and I feel rather under-prepared, so I'm planning on going to practice in about an hour which means I have to finish my work for other classes in that next hour. Which means I will leave you here. Hope your week is going grand.



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