Ain't Crushin' No More

     Agh, I'm getting to be so bad at posting every day! I guess not much has been happening. I mean, a lot has been happening but not much that's earth shattering or anything. I had FNL tonight and afterwards we went to Free Food Fun Friday in the SAC and then I came back and gossiped with Haley and Melissa about Haley's church bae. I love talking about other people's crushes but I've given up having crushes myself, for several reasons, which I shall enumerate for you:

  1. I'm the kind of person who ties my self-worth up in what other people think of me (or what I think other people think of me) and whether I feel liked/loved by people or not. You can see how this can be disastrous in terms of crush-dom.
  2. Crushes occupy entirely too much brain space. I mean honestly. As if I don't have enough to daydream about already. <Insert eye roll>.
  3. Crushes are fleeting. Even if it lasts a few years, it still eventually goes away because it's not real love, it's just infatuation.
  4. I always ignore the person I have a crush on, even if there is potential to just be friends. I'm so worried about what they'll think about me that I just avoid them altogether, thus jeopardizing the chance to even form a friendship! And friendships are cool!
  5. I over-analyze even the simplest of situations, so you can imagine how haywire my brain is in the over-analyzation of crushes.
  6. Let's face it, what will be will be. Just let things happen spontaneously. You don't need to agonize over anyone or anything. That's so yesterday. Be progressive. Love yoself. And have a lovely day. :)
Day 1055 Song Recommendation: "Matter" by For King & Country.
Day 1056 Song Recommendation: "Holy Spirit" by Francesca Battistelli.
Day 1057 Song Recommendation: "When a Heart Breaks" by Ben Rector.

-SE Wagner


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