Peace, War, and H2O

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     It's been a few days since I wrote last, but not much has happened school-wise. I'm getting into the routine of things, which is exactly what I was looking forward too. There's a peace that comes from knowing exactly what to expect, and I think I need that to stay sane. Speaking of peace, I'm writing this in the library and it's gloriously quiet. Just being in this place makes me happy. The only other sounds are the low beeping of the circulation desk, a girl cutting something out with scissors, and my typing. I could stay here forever. I wish I could just move my bed into the corner and live in the library. Not that my room is bad or anything. I love my roommates and our room is cozy and homey. But there's the occasional heinous noise of the water pipes in the walls, not to mention the incessant creaking of all three of our beds. But I'm getting used to it.
     So far today I've had two classes, my Newswriting class and my Faith and Violence in Film and Literature class. In the latter (ain't no way I'm typing that whole mess out again) we read this essay that talked about "just war thinking" and how it's a fraud because there's absolutely no way to justify war by Christian standards. I liked it a lot and thought it was a very powerful piece of writing. Here are some quotes from it:

"...we should also recognize that the kind of moral calculus about killing that just war theory recommends and exemplifies...has no plausible connection to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.Christ taught us to love our neighbors — and nowhere does he indicate or imply... that it's possible to express that love in the act of killing them."

 "Let me be very clear: I harbor no illusions about the likelihood of establishing peace on earth. On the contrary, like so much of his teaching, Christ's commitment to nonviolence defies the innermost logic of the world, cuts against the grain of human nature, and subverts the self-interested order that governs collective life. (A "Christian nation," strictly speaking, is an oxymoron.)"

 "Christians should be honest enough to admit that in continuing to exercise political rule, and in fighting, using force, and killing, they are falling far short of the otherworldly purity to which they have been called by the God they profess to worship and revere."

 "Reason is a powerful tool... but it's also almost infinitely plastic. Given the right premises, it can justify nearly anything...By all means, let's argue about war and peace, justice and God. And if, after all the arguments have been made, we're thoroughly convinced of the need to drop bombs and deploy troops, then let's go to war, with as much restraint and humility as we can muster. But please, let's not make fools of ourselves by imagining that in doing so we have Jesus Christ on our side, nodding and smiling at the slaughter."

     All I can say to that is amen brotha. If you're bored from reading those quotes or you skimmed past them entirely, my apologies. I just thought it was interesting and thought provoking. If you are, however, interested in reading the full article, you can check it out here.
Image result for h2o just add water     On a different note, I have been assured today that I have the potential to become a "Certified Scholar". There's this guy in my Faithandviolenceblablabla class named Josh who refers to himself as a Scholar. I guess it's like his positive spin on being a "gangster" or a "pimp". Because he's the original Scholar, he has granted himself the authority to deem other people as Certified Scholars. He says the process includes a five minute interview at the library, you must be wearing an article of pink clothing, and you must be wearing a fanny pack. While I have no real aspirations to be a Scholar (I don't even own a fanny pack) I was pleasantly surprised when he went around the room and when he came across me said "Ooh, I like your Scholar potential! You got on them pink stripes, I like where you're goin' with that." It was truly an honor. LOL.
     The only other item of interest I can think of to say is that I finally broke down and watched some TV. I still haven't broken out my Netflix gift card-- that's for emergencies only!! (IE finals week when I need to watch something really good after burning myself out from studying). But Marina and I discussed the other week some of the shows we used to watch, and we got on the topic of the show H2O. If you don't know what H2O is, it's the Australian tween sitcom about three girls who get magically turned into mermaids upon the discovery of a magical island. It's got all the essential factors of great TV: bad acting, lines that are so cheesy you can't help but be entertained, lame graphics, major plot holes and way overdramatic story lines. Like...why exactly do you have to keep being a mermaid a secret? Shouldn't you tell a doctor? Or at least your mom? And like...HOW did you turn into mermaids?? It never explains. You just kind of swam around in the moonlight on a magical island and boom. Also, if you can't get wet without instantaneously growing a tail, why do you spend so much time hanging out at the juice bar? Wouldn't drinking juice, therefore making the inside of your mouth wet, turn you into a mermaid?? So many unanswered questions. But I digress. Anyway, the whole series is available for free on YouTube, and I'd finished all my homework on Sunday I think it was, so I decided to watch an episode. Needless to say I am now on episode 11 (the episodes are only like 20 minutes long, don't worry). It hasn't interfered with my school work yet, but when it does, I'm gonna pull the plug. I know I have a problem with getting obsessed with shows, and that's why I withheld watching shows and YouTube for as long as I could. That being said, if you ever want to watch a dumb, light sitcom, I highly recommend H2O. It's actually hilarious, and the themes about friendship are heartwarming. Also, it's totally family friendly, which is hard to come by these days.
     I guess that's all I have for you today. Enjoy your Wednesday!



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