Nothing Much

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Not much is goin' on. 
    (Yesterday)  I'm writing this from the sketchy little corner between two wardrobes in my dorm room because that's the only place where I can get decent wifi. Besides being creepy and sitting on Marina's bed or at Emily's desk. So this little corner has kind of become my little spot. From where I'm sitting I can reach right into my snack drawer too...pretty convenient.
     Today I woke up earlier than I had to in order to go to breakfast with Ally and Maddie, the two girls I met at the Humanities Scholars Program picnic last week. Even though I would have been more than happy to sleep in the extra half hour, it was totally worth it to hang out with some cool people with common interests (besides my lovely roommates of course). Not to mention that the table Maddie picked for us to sit at was right across from the table where this major cutie I've been keeping my eye on was sitting for breakfast. Teeheehee.
     After breakfast, we headed to class together and got our grades for our first assessment that was on Monday. I got 8 out of 10, which I'm happy with for a first assessment. And after reading his notes, I totally agree with everything I did wrong. We had to write three different leads and lead paragraphs about three different news stories, and I was getting lead sentences mixed up with headlines which made some of mine sound awkward. But, I didn't get any points off for grammatical issues, so that's a #success.
     It's really interesting how different news writing is from creative writing, or the writing I do on this blog. I have to keep my opinion out of everything I write for News Writing, and well, that's easier said than done. Because I have a lot of opinions. Also, I love vocabulary and words and language, but in news writing you basically have to go back to the old "The cat sat on the mat" days, and keep it excruciatingly simple. Which makes me realize that "simple" and "easy" are two very different concepts. Writing in basic language without any opinion is not something that comes naturally to me. I think this class will be very useful to me in the long run, but at times it is a little exasperating because I just want to run my mouth so to speak instead of just stating a bunch of boring facts.

I'm writing this in the library, where the wifi isn't actually too bad! So AB told me about this book "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers that she thought I would like, and upon reading the synopsis of it, I realized that it's like an adaptation of the story of Hosea from the Bible, which is one of my favorite Bible stories ever! So I've been thinking about this book for a couple days and then today at chapel, guess what the message was about? The book of Hosea!!! #GodMoment. I'm not sure exactly what He's trying to tell me, but it can't be a coincidence right? Maybe I'll go back and reread the book of Hosea before I read "Redeeming Love" and see what I can glean from it. I just love coincidences like that. They've gotta mean something, right?
     Nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary is going on with me lately, but if/when something spectacular or out of the ordinary happens, I'll be sure to inform you.



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