Home From Home

     Roo Panes said it best in "Home From Home": "So fresh air, open ways, mild nights, wild days/wondering in wonder, pondering what wandering we'll do/I guess I don't care about what? When? Or where?/Because I'm starting to realize the question worth asking is, who?"
     It's odd being home. I guess I expected something to have changed fundamentally, whether in me or in my town or just "home" in general, but everything's exactly the same. And yet it's not. I guess it feels like home doesn't belong to me as much as it did before because now I have a second home that is all "mine". I can't say that I love either "home" better. I love them differently. I love Philly for its hustle and bustle, for all the sights and sounds and everything there is to do and for the fact that I feel like my own person with my own purpose there. I love my hometown for its isolation and quiet and calm and open spaces and the easy comfort of my family and the memories I've made. I grew up a country girl and I can't say that after a single month in Philly I've become a "city girl" but I'll admit that I have no idea which one I prefer. I guess it really depends about where you are in your life. Right now, I'm at the point where I want to explore and adventure and try new things and the city suits that. But ten years from now, I think the city will have worn me out a bit and I'll probably be ready to go back to some small town in Middle of Nowhere, America.

Teehee! :) -SE

     But anyway, it feels good to be home with my family and Murph and Maggie and I'm so excited to see AB tomorrow and MF on Sunday! Eek! I also can't wait to sleep in my bed so...

Day 1036 Song Recommendation: "Home From Home" by Roo Panes.
-SE Wagner


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