Home Coming

     You know it's been a decent day when you've laughed so hard you had tears streaming out of both eyes...
     Today I got to spend pretty much the whole day with AB (like she said) and I'd have to say that some of the highlights were:

  • The poop envelope
  • Talking at the Dixie for an hour about how "nothing has happened" (so much has happened...we talked for an hour after all).
  • Freaking AB out by "almost" hitting her car.
  • Running around Walmart with our arms full of crap because we didn't get a cart.
  • Getting the same "fortune" three times from Dove chocolates.
  • AB chucking chocolates at me during the previews.
  • AB making me fall out of my seat by messing with my seat recliner.
  • Cry-laughing at the scene where Jack and Darcy try to carry pregnant Bridget through a revolving door and then lay her on the hospital counter. I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard. I couldn't even watch the movie through my tears.
  • Trying to take a selfie and failing miserably.
  • Not saying goodbye because we're going to see each other in two months!
Day 1037 Song Recommendation: "All We Need" (feat. Shy Girls) by Odesza.
-SE Wagner


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