From One College to the Next

     Today I spent a lot of time alone by myself in my car. Three hours to be precise. There were some stressful moments but my trusty GPS and stellar driving skills got me through and I was able to visit MF all in one piece! I spent a good while wandering around campus trying to find Dorchester Hall (google maps failed me but then pulled through after getting me totally lost and making me walk an extra mile that I didn't need to walk). MF showed me around her residence hall and her dorm and then we got lunch in the dining hall (and failed at trying to make stir fry. Turns out if you want them to cook it you can't put the sauce on until afterwards...oops) and then MM met us a the dining hall and she showed me around her residence hall and dorm. After that, the three of us went back to Dorchester and hung out in MF's room for a while before EA came in and it was like a whole Smithsburg High School reunion. Then EA showed us his room and after that we went our separate ways and MF tried to take me to get ice cream but it was closed so we wound up sitting outside by the fountain and talking until it was time for me to go. Three and a half hours was definitely not long enough to make up for a month of not seeing each other but it still felt nice.
     Then I was home for about an hour before my mom drove TJ and I to the train station and then there was a two hour train ride, half hour of riding the subway/waiting for the subway to come and then I was "home"! It feels good to be back on campus. I talked to my roommate for a while then Melissa and Haley texted me if I could hang out so I met them and we sat in the hallway and ate fruit (me in my PJs and panda slippers) and talked about our weekends. It was fun and now I'm tired and I have class tomorrow so to bed I go!

Day 1038 Song Recommendation: "You Never Let Go" by Matt Redman.

-SE Wagner


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