♫ Friends, Friends, Friends, Thank You God for Friends ♫

     In a dumb way, I feel hesitant to write this for fear that the friends I met today won't actually last. Isn't that the most pessimistic thing you've ever heard?? Sometimes I annoy myself. Anyway, I'm going to write it anyway, and if it turns out I never talk to these girls again, so be it.
     I made friends today! Friends with real potential, not just "we'll be friends because we sit next to each other in class" friends. Not that there's anything wrong with befriending the person you sit next to! I've basically tried to do this in every class so I'm not completely alone. But moving on.
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This is Mimi. She'll be my editor for the Culture section of The Pulse. 
     Today was a busy day. I had class, chapel, class, lunch, a break in which I read a whole agonizingly long chapter about Mate Selection and Cohabitation for my Marriage and Family Class, then a Humanities Scholars Program pizza party, then a meeting for the Pulse Media Hub (aka, where the campus magazine is produced), and last but not least, Powerhouse. But let's zoom in on the Humanities Scholars Program pizza party (try saying that five times fast). I got there semi early, so I sat down at a table with two girls, neither of which I knew, and got some salad and pizza and a brownie. By the time I got back to the table, it was basically full, with more people I didn't know, except a few girls that I'd met like once before and didn't even remember their names or anything about them. Needless to say, it was pretty awkward. Especially when this one philosophy professor came and sat down with us and started talking and asking questions. People, I have absolutely no problem with talking to adults. They're just people. But incredibly intelligent adults who assume you're intelligent as well?? Those adults intimidate me. He asked us what news sources we read, history questions, the minutiae of why we chose our majors and what exactly our plans were for what to do WITH those majors. To him, these were simple conversation topics, but to me-- and I think the rest of the table as well-- it felt kinda like an interrogation. Plus, have you ever noticed that really smart genius types sometimes have like beady, crazy eyes? This guy was one of those crazy eye professors. Okay, I'm being really mean. He was super nice and he was just trying to engage with us. But it was stressful, because I realize as a journalism student, I lose a whole bunch of credibility when I say "Um, I don't actually read the news at all..." I should probably start...it's just so depressing and it's literally all biased and that's not the type of journalism I'm even interested in. Okay, back off the bunny trail.
     The pizza party continued, we had to introduce ourselves to three new people, a common activity professors love to make you do and nobody likes doing. I met a semi cute guy with majorly clammy hands who's name I don't remember, a girl named Sarah with a really cute pixie cut who wants to start a coffee shop that employs victims of sex trafficking (in writing that sounds ridiculous, but when she was explaining it to me it sounded really cool!) and professor Nance McCowen, who I've actually already met because she interviewed me for the Humanities Scholarship...she must like me at least a little bit cuz I got it, teehee. She's really nice, and so stylish! I feel like we have a lot in common. After that, we kind of just sat around the table and talked. Well, mostly this upperclassmen History major guy talked. He was nice, if a bit pompous. At one point, one of the girls at the table asked me "Do we have any classes together?" and I started naming a few, but we didn't, so she was like "Hmmm, you just look really familiar." and I had been thinking the same thing, so I said "Yeah, I feel like we've met before. Do you work at the Union Cafe? Did I meet you at First Friday?" But nothing was ringing a bell, so we just dropped it. After a while, people started trickling away, and I didn't have anyone to talk to, so I was eavesdropping on the girl I'd talked to earlier and this other girl, and they were talking about this one girl in their Newswriting class who was like OBSESSED with the news and was kind of like a teachers pet, and there's a girl like that in MY Newswriting class, so I was like "Wait, are we all in the same class? Because there's a girl just like that in my Newswriting class!" and we finally put two and two together and realized that not only were we all in the same class, but the reason I recognized the one girl was because we sit next to each other!! And the other girl sits right in front of me! It was a total dur dur dur moment. At that point, we were the only three people left in the room. I had stayed because I was heading to the Pulse meeting and it wouldn't have made sense for me to hike all the way back to my dorm and then back down to the Pulse, so I asked them "Are you guys going to the Pulse meeting?" and they both said yes!! So we decided to just stay put until it was time to go to the meeting, and we just sat there and talked for literally 30 minutes! It was awesome and felt totally natural and comfortable. The girls' names are Ally and Maddie, and they're both Journalism majors as well. Ally loves music, and said she brought her record player with tons of Bon Jovi and Disney records. I was like "I almost brought MY record player! But then I didn't feel like I'd have enough room so I left it behind." Then we discovered that both Ally and Maddie watch the Bachelor and the Bachelorette, so they were telling me all about it and talking about the funniest characters since I don't watch it. Finally it was time to go to the Pulse meeting, and we walked together and kept talking about all kinds of stuff. Once at the meeting, we also discovered we all want to write for the same department! (Culture-- so like global issues, pop culture, etc.) It was kinda crazy. We also soon discovered that we all live in the same building (Go Naugle!) so we walked home together too, and we talked about writing for the Pulse, and going from a public school to a Christian school and how it feels like a relief to be around likeminded people. Once we got to the yard of the Res Hall, I was like "Hey, do you guys want to exchange numbers?"  and they were both like "I was thinking the same thing!" so we exchanged numbers and then said we'd have to line something up to get breakfast or lunch together sometime. When I was walking into the building, I felt really happy. I really think these could be some of my potential good friends. It's so funny how I've been over here tapping my foot like "God, why haven't you dropped friends directly into my lap yet? I mean my roommates are great, but they're making other friends besides me. Hurry up!" and He's like "Just wait. Just wait." and I'm like "But all the people are already taken! Everyone's already found their pod! I'm getting left in the dust here!" and He's like "Just wait. Just wait." and then boom, when I least expect it and I'm at some pizza party that I thought was going to be super awkward and I'd be lonely, He plops two girls in my lap and He's like "See? I told you." God is so good, isn't He? I think I forget that too often. I forget to thank Him. I forget that trusting Him means more than just SAYING I trust Him.
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This is the campus magazine I'll be writing for. 
     Anyway, it's been a very good day. Powerhouse was great too, although I didn't know almost any of the songs. It was nice just to be surrounded by praise and worship. Okay, I've talked too much and rambled a lot and it's late and I've gotta go to bed.



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