Chronicles of a Clumsy Girl

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Me, basically. 
     I don't think of myself as particularly clumsy. The stats, however, disagree. I fell down in high school twice, fell down MF's stairs once, and almost fell down the stairs at the Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. As of this afternoon, I have another incident to add to the ever-growing list.
     Emily asked me if I wanted to walk with her to our mailboxes, so I said sure because I wasn't doing anything else besides watching movie trailers on my computer in the sketchy corner. I needed to get out for a bit. As we walked down the sidewalk, Emily talking on the phone with her friend Aaron, and me texting MR, Emily started talking about how weird it was that there were little plaques on all the trees on campus. On the phone to Aaron, she was like "yeah, they all have like little names and descriptions and bar-codes." And me, in my infinite wisdom, piped in "No, they're BARK-codes!" Because Emily appreciates my lame sense of humor, she started laughing, which made me start laughing. All of a sudden, we got to the edge of the curb and were about to cross the street when I tripped on the curb and fell first to my knees and then face flat onto the road!!! My lanyard and phone both went flying out of my hands as I splayed across the street. What's more, there were several people walking around, and cars coming on the road!! Thankfully, the cars were driving on the other side, and were driving slowly, but still! While it did hurt (I scraped both my knees and the palm of my right hand) the whole episode was just so out of the blue that it was hilarious. Me and Emily couldn't stop laughing for pretty much the rest of the walk to the mailboxes and she had to explain to Aaron, through laughter, what had just happened. I told MR what had happened too, since I'd been texting him when the whole thing had occurred. It seriously made my day, it was so funny. I just kept replaying it in my mind. Every time I fall, it's like it's in slow motion, and this was no exception. Knees first, then face. Emily even said "It was not graceful at all!!" Hopefully none of the people who saw it happen were people from my classes! Although honestly, I've kind of stopped getting embarrassed by these things and just think they're funny now.
      Honestly, sprawling on the road and laughing like crazy was exactly what I needed to do today. It's been an emotional roller coaster. When I got back to my dorm, I immediately had to call SE and tell her what happened, and she told me something funny that happened to her too (she accidentally FaceTimed her friend, but thought her friend had FaceTimed her!) Turns out we've both had wacky days.
     I'm so glad it's Friday. I'm going to some dance/party thing tonight, and I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow morning. And maybe I'll go see the Lost film sometime tomorrow. And then there's Sunday which means church, which is always a good experience. I'm also so happy that the weather is getting colder. I love Autumn.
     Hope you all have a good weekend.



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