Catching Up on Things

     I am writing this outside. The wifi in the great outdoors is better than the wifi in the comfort of my own dorm room. Insanity. My orientation leader very accurately said "One thing about Messiah College wifi is that it's God's way of teaching you patience." Good one God. Anyway, I finally got fed up enough to go to the tech service building because after being prompted to change my password for my Messiah account (apparently you're supposed to change it every 6 months) I couldn't log into my email account using my phone without it immediately (and very annoyingly) logging me back out. I also wasn't able to connect to the wifi on my laptop, which was obviously a big problem, because I needed to check my emails!!! As per usual, the solutions were stupidly simple, but the people at the tech center were really nice and didn't make me feel dumb, so I was glad for that.
     It is a beautiful day here. It feels like fall and I absolutely love it. Plus, from where I'm sitting, I can smell what they're making for lunch. I think it's probably some sort of pasta, maybe lasagna. I didn't post yesterday because I was pretty busy, so I'll catch you up to speed really quickly now: I had my second day of classes, which included Newswriting, Faith and Violence in Film and Literature, and Spanish 101. Of those three classes, the most stressful one was no doubt Spanish. She spoke to us in tons of Spanish, which I barely understood since I've never taken Spanish class, and she assigned us a bunch of homework that I'm kinda confused about how to do...I have to do it online and like there's a practice quiz but I don't know if I take that before or after the audio exercises?? I have no idea, but I guess I'll figure it out. Also yesterday, because I made it into the Symphony Orchestra (yay!) I had to pick up my music, and I practiced it (very badly) for about an hour, because we had our first rehearsal at 7pm. I felt much better once the rehearsal started because some people hadn't even opened the music at all until they got there for rehearsal!!! I sit in the back, but that's to be expected as a freshman (although there are some freshman sitting much closer to the front than me...but oh well). That was basically all that happened yesterday, except for a floor meeting about small group ministries, where two upperclassmen came to speak to us. I found out that the one guy comes from the same town as me! We talked about Krumpe's donuts and the Leitersburg Cinema, and it was honestly so refreshing to be able to make references to specific places like that and have someone understand what I'm talking about and know exactly what I mean!!!! It was like a little dose of medicine for my homesickness. Which honestly hasn't kicked in too bad yet. There are moments when I'm like "This is it. I'm not actually going home any time soon. How very very bleak." But then I quickly get over it. I'm pretty good at sucking things up sometimes. Anyway, so far today I've had one class and we watched two Muppets teacher is absurdly interested in the Muppets. We also watched this "Pennsylvania Boys" video which was like a parody of "California Girls" and talked about all this stuff that's unique to Pennsylvania and it pretty much hit the nail on the head. I mean, I don't live in Pennsylvania, but I live close enough that I know a lot about it, and it was so #accurate. I think that class is going to be fun. We've already watched like 6 funny videos, so that's a teaching style I can get behind. Especially since with this awful wifi I've been severely YouTube deprived. (It's actually been pretty great. I think I needed it.) Anyway, after that class I had chapel, and now I'm here, and now I'm going to lunch and then my second class! Seeya later.



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