When You Can't Count

     In true Papersol fashion, yesterday was a fluke.
     As soon as I typed that it was the 1000th song recommendation, I started going back through the song recommendations and writing them down (starting at 899, where I'd left off months ago). I got all the way up to 993 before I realized that there were two 993s. Which means that, when everything got corrected...yesterday was not the 1000th song recommendation. The day before that was. And I missed it. Thanks for breaking the blog, SR. Way to leave us hanging. Literally. <side eye emoji>
It fits the theme of all three of our lives that such a major event would go unnoticed. We are quite dysfunctional. Happy belated 1000th day alive, blog. I'm so sorry that you had to be overshadowed by SR's departure...just kidding. That was a fitting way to commemorate it.

-SE Wagner


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