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     Part of today's post comes to you from my loving brother, who wrote me a letter for college and instructed me not to open it until I got here. Actually, there's more to the story than that. Twas the night before college, and I'm still on my phone in the dark of the room because I have no self discipline and I've morphed into one of THOSE people, when all of a sudden, I hear the unmistakable rustling of something being slid under my door. So I go "hello?" No response. I call out a few more times, knowing that Noob is just standing outside my door like "oh no she caught me! I guess I'll have to put the thing I slid under her door somewhere else." So I'm like "it sounds like you just tried to slide something under my door." And he's like "What? That's weird. Well, goodnight". Then I hear the unmistakable sound of him walking to the kitchen and coming back, no doubt dropping the letter off on the kitchen table. Of course when I woke up in the morning, there the letter was on the kitchen table. Anyway, I opened it once I was settled into my room a bit, and I thought the advice was so gr8, I just had to share it with you.

Tips for College
By [Noob]

1.      Be friends with the weird kid: they have the best stories. (If you can’t find the weird kid, IT’S YOU)
2.      Don’t eat like a king on Monday. Because Friday’s cracker sandwich will suck.
3.      Don’t neglect sleep for school. Neglect it for laughter and friends.
4.      If you get homesick, remember we are sick of you not being home.
5.      Don’t act like me. Spend time with your family on holidays. (I’m sorry L)
6.      Help your friends, even if it means discomfort, or money is lost.
7.      Apply yourself. But don’t neglect yourself for some homework. (Skip a dumb assignment and blame me)
8.      Ask tons of questions. The kids who don’t ask will ask you when you are their boss.
9.      Whichever professor you like least, treat the best.
10.   DON’T AWKWARDLY STARE AT THE AMISH. (Oh wait, that doesn’t pertain…)

Anyway good luck Obi-Wan KeNUBi, it will go great. Write/call home often. Tell your roommates the busty crustacean joke!

With love
Your brother
Ex Prom King and current Noob king


     Hopefully you can all benefit from those poignant tips. And if not benefit, at least laugh out loud like I did.


     Today has been another good day, aside from the massive amounts of sweat that I produced that no doubt repulsed more than a few people. I had to change my shirt. Do you realize how much sweat that is? It's a lot. I'm realizing now that I did not bring enough summer clothes or athletic clothes. I guess I kind of packed for the season I WANT it to be, disregarding the fact that it won't even start to cool down till mid September, if then. Oh well. We'll see what happens. Plus, these first few days there's a lot of outdoors stuff all around the campus, but when I start my classes, they're all in the same, well air conditioned building, so after the initial hike there, I'll get to stay in the cool air conditioning for a while. I'm telling you, this campus could be a very good thing for me. It's hellaciously hilly and my residence hall is pretty much out of the way of the rest of the campus. I'm up for it though. I like long walks. I just wish it would cool down.
     Yesterday I had a slightly embarrassing moment at the beginning of orientation, and now I've had another more slightly embarrassing moment, also involving my orientation group. What a life. So we were supposed to meet our orientation group for lunch at 12:15, and we went to the dining hall and pushed some tables together and ate, and I sat next to S, the girl I mentioned yesterday, and we talked and whatnot and found out we have some things in common. For one thing, we were both wearing fairly new shoes and both had blisters on our feet! We also both play the ukulele (although I'm sure she's been playing longer and is much more talented). When I asked her what kind of music she listens to, she asked me if I'd heard of a band called BORNS. I was like "OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE BORNS!" and so we freaked out over that for a while. Then lunch was over, and everyone kind of dispersed, and me and S didn't see where they went, so we just walked around and ended up at the library, where we sat down and talked for a minute or two until S got a call from Alex asking where she was because we were supposed to be going on a campus tour with them!!!! It was so embarrassingly hilarious. Also, S accidentally called me Erin, so I had to awkwardly correct her, and then she kept apologizing for getting my name wrong. I thought it was kind of funny but I could tell she felt really bad about that.
     After sheepishly rejoining our orientation group, we walked all around campus and I sweated like a pig which was absolutely disgusting and felt horrible and I refused to lift my arms even a millisecond because I know my pit stains must have been humongous. Of course, in doing so, I was making them arguably worse. But whatever. Ain't nobody gonna see them. Finally, finally we got to go into the big beautiful chapel for a two hour air conditioned seminar about campus safety, and weirdly enough, it was pretty entertaining. The lady who gave most of the talk was this really funny, really pretty, don't-take-no-crap-from-nobody lady, which made talking about sex and harassment and stalking and substance abuse just about as interesting as it could be. By the end, when there were different speakers speaking, I was getting a little sleepy and restless, but at least my sweat was drying, so I couldn't complain too much.
     After the safety talk, I said goodbye to S and headed back to my dorm where me and EK and MM just chilled out for awhile before going to dinner together. After dinner we wandered around the Eisenhour Campus Center because we had time to kill before a residence hall meeting. The meeting was surprisingly fun too, because they presented the rules in sort of a call and response funny way. One RA would stand up and go "So when I got here yesterday, there were some STONE COLD FOXES picking up and carrying my boxes with their muscles, and I knew instantly they were the ones  for me, so like, can I have them sleep over in my dorm room?" and then the RD would be like "Nope, that's not allowed. But here's a list of approved visitation hours". I kind of wish I had a video of the whole thing because it was really funny. They RAs were getting so into it, like being sassy and crazy.
Image result for messiah college student union party
This is from some other year, but yeah this is kinda what it looked like. 
     After that, we came back to our dorm again and chilled until deciding to arrive fashionably late to the first year block part at the Student Union. We got henna and snow cones and took a photo booth photo, and listened to music, and even met some people! I don't remember most of their names but they were all super nice, and the one guy asked us all to follow him on Snapchat, so that's cool. I haven't met a single person so far who hasn't been super duper nice. And lots of people, when I tell them my name, respond with "Wow I like that!" or "Woah that's a cool name!" Which is always a nice feeling.
     After that, we came back to the dorm, took showers, and now I'm here. Hopefully I can sleep better tonight than last night. My bed is so small, hard, loud and high that I'm terrified to make the slightest movement, but also I can't get comfortable enough to fall asleep and have to keep switching positions! Then again, it's only been one night, and you can get used to just about anything if you put your mind to it. I'll probably attempt to research ways to make my bed more comfortable without a mattress pad (since I don't own one of these mythical wonderful items). Have a great night.



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