Perfect Timing

Thanks for the cookie, Mom. It was a
heart-shape smiley-face cookie kind of day.
     The world works in mysterious ways. Last night when we were driving to dinner I noticed that the friendship bracelet DS had given us girls at the bonfire Friday night was missing. I figured that it came off in my struggle to find the middle seat buckle. (I was right). But when I found the bracelet, one of the beads was missing. I searched the car high and low for the bead but couldn't find it so when I got home I put on one of my own so that I could wear it (the bead was what held it together). Then this morning, I walked into my room and stepped on something and when I looked was the bead!! So I took off the substitute bead and put the original one back on and now it's good as new. I always love it when things turn up in the most random places, when you're least expecting.
     Then this afternoon I was lying on my bed, reading the book DL gave me, when my mom came in and told me that people are coming to see the house tomorrow!! Of course, on the very day I leave for college. So now my mom is frantically trying to get the house straightened up and not looking like we're in the middle of moving two kids out of it. I'm honestly fine that people are interested in it. I just wanted to have the house this summer. One last summer. After that, my claim on it can be relinquished. Slightly. Obviously, the fact that someone is looking at the house does not at all mean they're going to buy it. But since we've only had one couple look at it since March, I guess it's nice that people are interested again. Who knows...I might be coming home to a new house for Thanksgiving!! (I'm able to say this cheerfully because I have zero expectations for it actually happening. I'm convinced this house will never sell. Just like I'm convinced I'm never going to college, despite the fact that it's happening in 12 hours).
     Anyway, I guess finding that lost bead this morning put me in one of those "everything that's meant to be will be" kind of moods. Like I was freaking out this morning that all my junk wouldn't fit in my mom's car and then I was like "Shut up, SE" and my mom was like "Trust me, it'll fit." And guess what? It fit. 
     OH AND WHAT'S MORE is that today while nerdily looking up a Temple campus map and writing down directions for how to get to all of my classes (one of them is literally right across the street from my dorm yay!) I noticed that on the map key there was a building called "Messiah College". And I was like "Oh haha, that's funny." Until I did further research and discovered that it's actually linked to the same Messiah College that DL is going to and that students from DL's school can come to the Philly/Temple to study for a semester or more!!!!!!! Isn't that crazy?! And even though DL will most likely stay at the Mechanicsburg campus for her four years (who could blame her, it's beautiful) it was another one of those "it's meant to be" moments.

     I'm actually really glad someone's looking at the house tomorrow because I've just spent the last two hours cleaning and cleaning distracts me from freaking out about tomorrow! (Which is what I would've been doing if this hadn't happened). I feel like the world just gave me a big hug today. Thank you, world. You can be pretty awesome sometimes.
     Oh, and I should apologize for forgetting to credit MF for the song recommendation yesterday and then for including the whole album as the video instead of just the song. I'm a ditz.

Quote of the Day: "You can tell me if you're eating a can of chicken nuggets."-MF

Day 1005 Song Recommendation: "Jacaranda Tree" by Josh Garrels. This came to me at such a perfect time. Thank you, Pandora.

-SE Wagner


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