Late Night Talks

     I should probably start this post or else I'm just going to keep putting it off. Last night we went to DS's house for a bonfire and it was a great way to kind of end the summer. There was lots of eating, some disastrous volleyball playing, and LOTS of talking. We spent hours sitting around the little bonfire going around the circle and answering life questions (as provided by some test thing where if you stare into a person's eyes for four minutes and then ask and answer all of the questions, you're destined to fall in love with them). We didn't stare into each other's eyes or even get through more than about ten questions, but I feel like I learned a lot about my friends, especially BL. BL is the type of guy who's just very happy-go-lucky, always joking around and procrastinating and never taking life too seriously. He kept the mood light when it otherwise would've gotten dark (with a bunch of emotional girls (and MR...who probably would've just left)) but he was also willing to answer the questions honestly himself. When we had to say something nice about the person to our right, BL's first sentence about me was "I remember the first time I saw you in sixth grade my first thought was "This b*tch takes herself way too seriously." After my initial reaction of feigned horror and rage, BL went on to say that he has come to realize that I actually know how to have fun. I am so thrilled to learn that in the seven years we've known each other, BL has gone from thinking of me as a no-fun female dog to someone he can make a 15-year marriage pact with (eye roll). As for me, I've come to realize that BL is more than just the twitchy, immature sixth grader I was forced to sit next to in history class. He's actually a good person (despite how hard he tries to hide it) and a pretty hilarious and genuine guy. It just made me realize how much we've all changed since we first came to know each other. It was kind of a Breakfast Club moment, I guess. Because at the beginning of middle school I was really only friends with two of the people sitting around that bonfire (MF and DL). The other seven it would take me years to get to know and befriend to the point that I was comfortable sharing with them the last time I cried or what I wanted to know about myself in the future or what I've always wanted to do but haven't done.
     And as we embark on this "next chapter in our lives" (gag me with a spoon), I feel like I need to stop being so reluctant to meet new people and make new friends. Because last night wouldn't have happened if I hadn't made new friends between sixth grade and senior year. And the truth is, new friends eventually become old friends, and your old friends become your closest friends. Like anything, these things take time and a willingness to be open, which is definitely not an easy thing. But on nights like last night, I am reminded that change is good. It gets us to the best places in life.
     Also, my cat got shaved and looks hilariously absurd.

Day 1002 Song Recommendation: "The Boat" by Tin Sparrow.

Day 1003 Song Recommendation: "Evelyn" by Gregory Alan Isakov.
-SE Wagner


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