Jane Wants a Boyfriend: Movie Review

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     Last night I watched the movie Jane Wants a Boyfriend. I'd seen the trailer for this movie several months ago and thought it looked interesting. I'm a sucker for anything about people with disabilities because it's a subject that, as you know, is close to my heart. The premise of the movie is that this girl with Asperger's Syndrome is interested in dating, so her sister tries setting her up with guys "her speed", but her sister's womanizer friend Jack takes an interest in Jane, and decides to go out with her against her sisters wishes. The thing I liked about this movie was that it wasn't just a Movie About Aspergers. In fact, they didn't really talk about the syndrome at all. It was kind of like, as a viewer, we were just dropped into the life of a family (and the people surrounding the family) at a random interval, and then taken back out at another seemingly random interval. So there was no need to explain the Asperger's syndrome, or the history of the disorder in Jane and how it effected her family because the movie wasn't about her Asperger's. It was about her wanting a boyfriend. And it was about her sister trying to make it as an actor and try to decide whether she wants to have Jane come live with her. It was about Jack, who was being used by the chef at his work to come up with recipes for the chef to claim as his own, and how Jack wants to get out of the dissatisfying cycle of one night stands and being constantly used. It was like if you were to go visit a family member, but they didn't know you were there-- you'd find things out about their lives in a roundabout, unusual way-- instead of them telling you all about their lives. That's how this movie handled things. You kind of had to figure things out for yourself. And there was no perfectly happy ending. Jane and Jack ended up together, but for all the viewers know, it could have ended the first time Jane had an episode in front of Jack, or as soon as Jane figured out what Jack was usually like to women. In many regards, I found it very realistic. Almost too realistic for comfort, because as movie watchers, we like to see peoples lives summed up in a perfect bow, even though lives never really are summed up like that. I thought it was a very good film. I'd give it 4/5 stars and a high recommendation. When it came to an end, it still felt like there should have been another hour left, like it simultaneously went at both a slow and fast pace. I also thought all the acting was very good, and I liked that I didn't recognize any of the actors. I liked that some people were sensitive to Jane's Asperger's, but some weren't, because that's realistic as well. There was too much cussing, but that's also realistic, so I won't hold it against them. Overall, I would say it was very good and very realistic and very worth watching, though it was not necessarily what I was expecting based on the trailer. And maybe there should be a sequel, lol.


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