Great Summertime Feelings

     Today has been kind of a non-event so there's not much to say about my life at this juncture. I'm just realizing how much I get done now that I don't have to be in school for seven hours a day...I really don't know how I had time for anything during the school year. No wonder I would do chem homework with MF in the hallway before school started...but that was more because it was easier to make up educated guesses with another person there. 
     I think it's time for another list.
Great Summertime Feelings

1. The feeling of a cool breeze on sweaty skin. Well, a cool breeze in the summer is always great. It's just even more great if you're hot and sweaty. 

Peaceful2. Rolling down the windows of the car while blasting the A.C. and the stereo. I know it's probably wasteful to let in hot air while blowing cool air at oneself but it feels nice so why not. 

3. Peeling dead skin off after a sunburn. I know that's disgusting but DL agrees with me that it's super satisfying...Not that you should go out and get burned!

4. Hearing a new song on the radio that's so summery and iconic and will forever remind you of that specific summer. Examples: "Rhythm of Love" by The Plain White T's, "Goodbye" by Who Is Fancy, "Endless Summer" by The Jezabels...

5. Lying in bed at night with the ceiling fan on full blast and your silky smooth sheets pulled up all around you, listening to the crickets chirp outside...

6. That first blast of A.C. after being outside in the scorching hot, humid Maryland weather.

7. Bare feet. All day, every day, everywhere...just kidding, but close enough. Shoes and socks are overrated.

8. Waking up whenever you feel like and knowing you have positively nothing to do that day except whatever your little heart desires.

9. Drying out in the sun after a dip in the pool/lake/ocean/creek/stream/river/other assorted water body.

10. That first lick of ice cream from a cone that's dripping on all sides...

Quote of the Day: "Explosive diarrhea is better than calculus."-DL

Day 1001 Song Recommendation: Let us pause for a moment at the weirdness of typing out 1000 right there...999 days ago, I was writing out a little "Day One Song Recommendation"...and now here we are...."All We Ever Knew" by The Head and the Heart. Thanks to MF for the song rec.
-SE Wagner


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