Getting into a Routine

     Yesterday was a long day. My first class started at 8 A.M. and I wasn't finished until 5:10 P.M. Granted, I had a huge break between 9:20 and 2:00, but it just felt like the day lasted forever. My Shakespeare in the Movies class seems slightly awful. I had forgotten how much I despise Shakespeare. I wish I was the kind of person that just gave up and dropped things, but of course, I'm going to stick it out and suffer through. Maybe it'll make me like Shakespeare. We'll see. The people in the class just annoy the crap out of me. They're all Shakespeare/theater/film nerds. Bleh. I was most worried about my Spanish class but the teacher (who is from Spain and is currently getting his doctorate at Temple) was really chill and didn't make anyone feel stupid for not knowing words in Spanish and he kept apologizing for his "terrible" English even though it was really good. I think I'll really have to work at that class but it'll be worth it. Hopefully.
    After class ended, I went back to my dorm and heated up some lentil soup (it was not that amazing) for dinner and then went to the meeting for Grace Covenant Church (GCC) with Melissa. Everyone there was super nice and the music was really pretty. Afterwards, they had pizza and desserts outside the student center and It. Was. So. Good. I think I was just really craving pizza, but it was seriously some of the best pizza I've ever had. 
     Today has been pretty boring so far, but that's okay. I should probably get ahead with some of my reading and learn some more Spanish words...or maybe just take a nap. #collegelife
     It's weird because I've only been in school for three days but I feel like I've already made a schedule and I'm already almost getting bored. Almost. I'd like to do some exploring in the city but I'll probably wait until the weekend. I also have no idea how to use SEPTA so I'll probably drag TJ along...maybe we can go to Chinatown and get some food...
     Today's been a pretty relaxing day. Time goes so slowly here. It's like I've been away for months but it's only been a week. That should probably scare me but it doesn't. Okay, well I'm probably going to go read some more Daoist poems and then go to bed like the hard core college student I am...

Quote of the Day: "God, you're such an English major. Reading in the dark."-Rebecca. Last night I'd turned the light off in the room but I had wanted to read a little bit (of my "for fun" book) so I was reading by the glow of the multi-colored lights MF gave me and Rebecca (good-naturedly) made fun of me. 

Day 1014 Song Recommendation: "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" by Iron & Wine. 
-SE Wagner 



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