Conversations with my brother:
Me: "Do you want to go out to eat tonight? Or pick up some Sheetz?"
TJ: "Probably going to eat with Garrett and Andrew."
Me: "Wow. Feeling the love."
TJ: "Mom gave me money so if you go out I'll give you the money later."
Me: "I'll just eat at home...all myself."
TJ: No response. 

What my life has come down to:
Eating chocolate chip cookie dough out of the carton and watching a compilation of every Nicholas Sparks movie trailer.
I find it almost impressive that someone can write so many different books and have them all be pretty much exactly the same. Oh well. You know, I feel like fifty years from now it'll come out that Nicholas Sparks was actually a woman writing under a pseudonym. I just don't know any middle aged men who would enjoy writing romance novels for a living.

Anyyyyway, I spent most of today cleaning, which I find therapeutic and extremely satisfying. Like if I spend the afternoon cleaning then I don't feel bad about spending the whole evening eating ice cream and watching stupid romance movie trailers. After the movie trailers I decided to clean out the cabinet in my room where I shove all the crap I don't know where else to put and then as a reward spent the next hour having deep philosophical conversations about love with DL which devolved into Instagram many things do with DL and me. 

Okay well this post has been embarrassingly pointless so I should go now...

Day 993 Song Recommendation: "Silver & Gold" by WILD.

-SE Wagner


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