5 Reasons 21 Jump Street is Gr8

     (Originally written yesterday, August 23)

For years, me and AP have been having annual movie marathons. I think it started towards the end of middle school. Some of my most cherished and hilarious memories with AP have happened during our infamous movie marathons. For example, the time AP set up the tray table incorrectly, and when I sat down her plate of food and cup of juice, it all went spilling across the living room carpet, and I had to clean it up. Or the time we told ourselves that in between each movie we had to run two laps around the house to keep us awake, but by the end of the second movie, we decided to ditch our routine. Or the time when this happened: "I'm not tired yet, but why don't we just pull the futon out so we don't have to do it later...I'm just going to lay down on the futon to watch the movie, but I'm not going to sleep...we could turn off the lights so we can see the movie better...I'm just going to rest my eyes for a second...zzzzzzzzzz." AP and I are probably the worst two people to try to "stay up all night and watch movies!!" because we both get tired so quickly. Last night we didn't even try to fight it and ended up going to bed at 9:30. It was still great though. AP told me she'd be providing the movies, but wouldn't tell me what they were till she got here so it would be a surprise. It turns out she brought the show 21 Jump Street, the original one from the 1980s with Johnny Depp, whom we both love and find very cute. We watched four episodes last night, and then one and a half episodes this morning before AP had to leave, and I'm so glad she brought it because I liked the show a lot! Here are some reasons I liked it so much:

Image result for johnny depp 21 jump street original

Of the five main characters, three of them are people of color. I truly think 21 Jump Street was way ahead of its time, because that kind of diversity was basically unheard of in the 1980s film industry. Also, I've noticed that in the rare cases that shows from the 80s and 90s do have racial diversity, there's often endless jokes or comments made about their races, but I didn't hear a single comment made about race in any of the episodes, except when Officer Judy Hoffs (the girl in the picture above) is given an "egg baby" to take care of as a school project, and she jokingly says "Do you have any brown eggs?" But that was it! Plus, this show relies heavily on guest stars and extras, so you'd think "Oh, there's diversity within the main characters, but the rest of the show will probably be white washed." That wasn't the case at all. It was seriously so refreshing to watch.


This show is not just teen fluff TV. In the five and a half episodes that I watched, it dealt with a plethora of real issues, such as crack cocaine, police brutality, violence in schools, teenage pregnancy, divorce, drinking and driving, rape, kidnapping, etc. etc. etc. And while that's a lot of issues, it didn't feel heavy handed at all. It all flowed so naturally, and taught really good, tangible lessons. I was incredibly impressed. 


Okay ya'll. It's no secret that I LOVE fashion from decades bygone. The 80s is definitely no exception. The wardrobe on 21 Jump Street was out of this world. (Unfortunately, it's NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to find any good pictures from the original 1980s show because of the stinking 2012 version with Channing Tatum. Every time I look up anything related to 21 Jump Street, even if I specify that it's the original series from the 1980s, I still get mostly pictures from the new, stupid reboot. But I digress.) Anyway, here's one picture I did manage to find. LOOK AT HER JACKET. LOOK AT HER BEAUTIFUL JACKET. Image result for 21 jump street judy hoffs


Ok, not the main point of interest but definitely an added bonus: there were plenty of cute guys in this show. It was pretty swell.

Image result for dustin nguyen 21 jump street
At first I was totally in it for Johnny Depp. But this guy was SO DARN CUTE I may have switched loyalties a little bit somewhere along the line. 

Image result for dustin nguyen 21 jump street
I mean, who doesn't love a beautiful, brooding bad boy? Johnny Depp is just perfection personified. 

Image result for peter deluise 21 jump street
I wasn't SUPER into this guy, but he definitely had his cute moments. He was definitely AP's hunk though. She couldn't stop talking about him. LOL


Everything about this show just felt so quintessentially 80s that I couldn't help but love it. From the dramatic 80s music to  the lame graphics (I mean it is a cop show, so there was some seriously fake blood) to the amaze balls clothing, it was all so grand. I would definitely recommend this show, and will hopefully someday finish the series!



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