Unnecessary Information

     Yesterday while filling out the Common Application, I filled in all of the demographic information. My religious preference, U.S. Armed forces status, whether or not I'm Hispanic or Latino, and "how I identify myself", which had me choose an ethnicity. At the bottom of that it says, "The questions in this section, while helpful to colleges, are entirely optional, and you're welcome to move on without answering them. Before you do, please confirm for us that you've completed this section to your satisfaction." Today, I went back and deleted all of my answers. I do not identify myself by my ethnicity, nor by my religion, or my military status. That is not who I am and I am not going to make it easier for colleges to whittle down their candidates by any of those factors. I am glad that there is an option to not answer demographic questions, and I am going to choose to opt out. How much good that will do, I don't know. The College Board already has all of that information. But I believe that I should be accepted or denied at a college based solely on my academics, involvement, and character, not on my ethnicity or religious preference. 

Day 617 Song Recommendation: "Three White Horses" by Andrew Bird. Thanks again for the song recommendation, DL.
-SE Wagner


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