Tiny Annoyances

1. When YouTube Ads Buffer.
     I shouldn't have to deal with YouTube ads in the first place, and I sure as all get out shouldn't have to wait for them. 

2. When I'm already in bed and realize I haven't turned my alarm on.
     But I'm so comfy...and it's all the way across the room. 

3. When I get up to go turn on my alarm and it turns out I did turn it on after all. 
     All that hassle for nothing. 

4. When I wake up and my hair is smooshed awkwardly on one side. 
     How do I fix this? I don't have time for this! It's the second day of school for petes sake! 

5. When your brain thinks your bed is for reading and YouTube and not for sleep. 
     No brain, contrary to what you might think, this big comfy thing I use for a chair most of the time is actually primarily intended for lying down and sleeping. Do to sleep already! Stop singing Fiona Apple songs on repeat in my head!

6. When my friends are actually good students and don't text me back during school.

7. Weekend homework.

8. When there's "nothing" to eat in the house.

These are also known as "First World Problems". They are evidence of how lame and lazy and whiney I truly am, haha. Anyway, have a good weekend and go outside because it's supposed to be really nice!



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