Swimming With a Three Year Old

     Yesterday I received an adorable phone call from my three year old cousin Mia inquiring as to whether I would like to go swimming with her. Let me tell you, swimming with a three year old for about five hours straight is a unique experience. First of all when I got to her house, my aunt had accidentally put her bathing suit on backwards, but she was too excited to go swimming that Tina didn't get a chance to amend the situation, so the entire swimming session, Mia's swimsuit was up her butt crack, and she wouldn't let me fix it. It was hilarious and would have made for some great blackmail pictures, but I restrained myself.
Secondly, three year olds are incredibly easy to entertain. The things we did in the pool include "race car races" with our boogie boards, a "juggling" session with the floating pool lights, spending a good hour pretending four leaves plucked from the tree near the pool were members of a leaf family, and taking them to the beach, the zoo, the movie theater, playing a self-invented game where Mia asks "where are we going?" And I name a place (literally every place known to man; this game went on for centuries), pretending a boogie board is our tent that protects us from rain, pretending to hide from a monster and getting trapped in its cave, making big and little waves with our arms, pretending to be a baby and mommy otter, pretending to be a baby and mommy kangaroo, pretending the floating lights were baby otters, and then putting said otters in our kangaroo pouches (her idea, not mine). After all that pretending, I was pretty tuckered out.
There was a short break in the middle where we ate pizza and I took a much needed bathroom break (Mia had taken her much needed bathroom break in the pool). While inside, she also showed me her kittens (which were so snuggly and adorable!!!!!), her hermit crabs, and her kiddie bow and arrow. Anyway, it was a fun Saturday, the kind you will think back on and remember with a smile.



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