SE's Room Tour

     I really liked DL's room tour post, so I decided to do one myself. Coincidentally, my brother moved into his new dorm room today, and my mom just sent me pictures of it! Maybe I'll include a picture or two of his room.

DL got me this MCC calendar and it
has some pretty cool pictures in it.
August's picture is my favorite so far.

Postcards from places I've been, plus a
Beatles postcard from DL, an elephant,
something I printed off of Pinterest,
and a pottery hanging by my mom.
Movie tickets!
The dog pen is from my aunt and the cup
is from DL.

Random junk on my desk.

Some retro CDs (haha), airplants, pottery
vase painted by yours truly, along with my
favorite picture of DL and me from when
we were little.

Once again, from DL. My room theme is basically
"Stuff from DL".

Pretty self-explanatory.

Part of my elephant collection, plus light-up fairy, and vase
and flowers from MF.

Where I keep my earrings, rings, hair stuff, and lip stuff. I made
the fish bowl in middle school art class.

My bedside table. 

Surprisingly resilient cactus.

Teacup from DL, air plant globe in back from MF.

1,000 piece framed puzzle completed by yours truly & family
one summer at White Lake, NC.

Light switch painted by me. I've had the
angel since I was little.

Seashells from Kiawah Island, SC.

Old Kodak camera from my granddad, plus some of my
favorite books.

My desk. Bookshelf to right.
Wall hanging that I got for Christmas last year, made in Haiti.

View from doorway.

     And now for TJ's dorm:
Super boring, as you can see. Brown, gray, and
white are apparently his theme colors. Bleh.

At least he has his own kitchen!
And he has a nice skyline view. Sort of.

Day 637 Song Recommendation: "Seeing Stars" by BORNS.
-SE Wagner


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