Senior Year, Day One

     I still can't believe this is happening. I'm a senior!!!!!! How? I don't remember these seventeen years flying by so fast. I still feel twelve years old. I still feel like I and everyone else looks the same and acts the same. It's weird. It was a good first day; I don't hate any of my teachers, or even dislike them at all so far. Obviously my first impressions might change once they actually start assigning work. On the one side though, I might actually prefer them to assign work because it felt like I had way too much free time today after teachers told us about the rules and syllabus and everything, and I don't have friends in a lot of my classes so I had nothing to do. The class that I'll probably come to hate the most is AP World History, but I do actually like history, and I know mostly everyone in the class and have been in class with them the past two years, so at least I'll be pretty comfortable in the class. None of my other classes will really be a challenge.
     It's also weird because now I drive to school, and I know most people really hate the bus, but I loved it. I had so many friends on the bus, and we had a great time together, and now I just have to say goodbye that that thing that lasted twelve years of my life.
     I was excited to come back to school, but of course now that I'm back, I just want it to be over with again. It's also super strange being the oldest in the school. It kind of makes you want to act like a jerk because everyone is super annoying and it would be really easy to just be one of the mean upperclassmen.
     Anyway, I think it'll be a pretty good year. And if not, oh well! It's my last one!



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