Second Time Around

     I'm happy to report that Paper Towns was still good a week later. AP asked me to see it with her and I could hardly refuse, even though I'd already seen it with DL and AB. It was such a good movie and everything's cheaper on Tuesdays, and it was a chance to hang out with AP. She liked it but thought there were some cheesy parts, which there were, but I guess having read the book and knowing John Green's style I didn't think of it as cheesy but more just sentimental. Anyway, I definitely appreciated the soundtrack more the second time and when the computer is free I'm definitely buying it on iTunes. DL and I agree that "Lost It to Trying" is one of the best on the album and that's the one I'm going to recommend today. Plus, the music video is decent.

Day 619 Song Recommendation: "Lost It to Trying" by Son Lux. 

-SE Wagner 


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