Rafting Take Two!

     Today I went back to Ohiopyle to go rafting... with my dad... in a ducky! It was a completely different experience than last time but it was equally as fun and the weather was gorgeous. Lots of people got out of their rafts and went swimming and at one point the guides let people jump off a rock into the water but I was fine with just watching. Once again, I'm impressed with the patience and good-naturedness of all of the raft guides. They had a particularly difficult group today with somewhere near 80-100 people all on one trip and only five or so fully-guided rafts. I still have yet to fall out of the raft; however, if I had been the one steering in the back instead of my dad, we would have gone swimming many times. Maybe next time I'll fall out. I hope that DL, MF, AP, and I make rafting a yearly tradition because it was so much fun and who knows, maybe next time we can take duckies! Just kidding, that would probably end badly...

Day 630 Song Recommendation: "Hear Me" by Imagine Dragons.
-SE Wagner


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