My Weekend in NY

     I just got home from New York like an hour ago, and I really don't know what to say about it. We got there Saturday night at like 8:30pm, and then my parents and their friends wanted to catch up so we literally sat at the kitchen table until 1am just talking, and since they have no kids my age, it was really really boring. Plus, I had to go to the bathroom so badly but I couldn't get a word in edgewise because they kept just telling stories one after the next so finally when there was a two second window I was like "Can I please use your bathroom????!!!" Hopefully it didn't sound as desperate as it sounded in my head. Then I slept on the couch downstairs because my parents were in the guest room, and it's just kind of weird sleeping at other peoples' houses, especially people you haven't seen for eleven years. Another thing is these people smoke. They never smoke inside, you can tell because there's not even a hint of cigarette smell inside their home, which is good, but doesn't change the fact that they have to go outside every now and then to smoke a cigarette, and you just have to kind of pretend not to notice. And it's sad because they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, but they got addicted young and just can't stop. Then today we went to church with them to celebrate their dad's 50 year preaching anniversary, which was the whole reason we went up there, and it was interesting but church landed sooooo long! At home, church runs from 9:30 to about 11:45, that's including Sunday school and the sermon and everything. Granted, we usually end up leaving around 12:30 because we stick around and talk to friends and whatnot. But we got to this church at 10:00, after Sunday school, and didn't leave until 3:00!!!!! And we didn't even stick around to visit! There was a morning service, which was sooooo long, then a special lunch for the preacher guy, and then ANOTHER service in the afternoon. I'm sorry, but there is no conceivable purpose for church to be that long. Plus I was already really tired from staying up so late the night before! I'll admit I drifted off a bit during the afternoon service. I mean honestly! Why? And something weird about their church was instead of a time for singing, there were just some people there performing songs but you didn't get to sing along except for the beginning and ending hymn! And I love to sing! That's my favorite part of church. I guess suffice it to say that it wasn't my favorite church. The people were really nice and the food was good and the architecture of the church reminded me of my own church, but the service was a lot different and really really boring. Anyway, when we finally managed to escape, we left for home and here I am four hours of driving later. My favorite part of the weekend was honestly the trip up and back. Anyway, I'm glad I went because it's been so long since I've seen everyone up there, but it could have been more fun than it was and I'm glad to be home.



  1. It was pure insanity. I counted the number of glass panes in the stained glass windows and leafed through the entire hymn book counting how many songs I knew.


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