Mom, School, and My Website

     Well this feels like a good double post day. Mom's home from the hospital and her surgery went well. She is currently sleeping soundly. I've made some good progress on my summer assignments. I'm up to Chapter 8 (out of ten) of my AP World book assignment (although I have to go back and fix some of my answers because I forgot to use direct quotes. My hatred for direct quotes is prime material for a whole other post). I still have to finish my book for AP Lang and write an essay, but I'm a pretty fast writer so I'm not as worried about that.
     In other news, I just launched my own personal website! That doesn't really mean anything in regards to this blog. All my personal feelings and thoughts and stuff are still going directly to this blog. It was just suggested to me (by MF's grandmother) that I start a personal website dedicated to my personal writing, with info on how to purchase my books and samples of my fiction and poetry. You can check it out here. You can also access it any time on the sidebar in the bottom right corner of this blog. I haven't put much on it yet, and I'm still working out some of the bugs. Wordpress is a bit harder to use than Blogger. I also put my actual name on my personal website, so for all those stalkers out there who still need more information in order to come kidnap me (in which case, you're a pretty terrible stalker because my full name is just about the only personal information I haven't shared on this blog) now's your chance to go see who I am. I of course put a shout out to this blog on my website, because personally, this blog is way cooler than any website I could make up.
     I doubt that anyone will actually check out my website, but maybe! My main purpose in creating it is to generate some interest for my recently self published books (info on my website). I guess I could have done the normal writer thing and just waited for some publisher to pick my manuscript out of a heinously high stack and publish it for me, but I just couldn't wait for that. It just looks so nice having a box full of little books with my name on the cover! Even if they're not technically copyrighted or officially published, it still feels nice. Plus, the photography in the books is AMAZING, it's all by AP, who I've already made my official cover photographer. Except of course she'll probably become a world famous Nat Geo photographer and leave me in the dust. But hey. I'll always have my little books filled with her awesome "early photography".
     Anyhoo, go check out my website. I won't be posting on there nearly as often as this website, so don't worry.
     Okay, I've just been stalling again. I need to work some more on my summer assignments!



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