How the Time Flies

     I have been reflecting today on summer. It is so fleeting and often so... not what you had in
mind.You have all of these expectations in June for all the things you're going to do and then August comes and you have ten days until school starts back and all of a sudden you realize summer is gone. And so you start planning for next summer, all the things you're going to do and all of the places you're going to go and it will be better than this summer. Of course. But the truth is summer is short. It will always be short. And that's okay. And you'll probably waste many days sleeping too late and watching too many episodes of your favorite TV show and texting your friends and checking your social media. But that's okay too. Because you need a break. But you'll also do really cool things, like go on vacation and take day trips to state parks and have bonfires with your best friends. Yes, summer is fleeting, and yes, sometimes you don't make the most of it, but what you do make of it are some of the best memories you'll have.

Day 623 Song Recommendation: "Rhythm of Love" by Plain White T's. I haven't heard this song in forever, but it was the summer jam of 2010-2012. Gosh, that's crazy that that song is five years old.

-SE Wagner


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