Three Months in Pictures

     I recently uploaded all the pictures from my phone to my computer so I could have room to take lots of pictures at the beach, so I've decided to share a smattering of all the random things I've saved to my phone in the last three months. Enjoy.

A picture of my favorite quote, that also happens to be
my phone background. 

This adorable throwback picture of me and SE at
my house. Don't we look stunning?

Some Latin friends and their ridiculous make up. 

One of many screenshots of the very attractive Mountie Jack
from When Calls the Heart. He's me and MF's shared bae. 

This perfect blackmail pic of SE in a kids' bike helmet
and a drunken smile. 

My, SE's and Matt Jaouni's Calculus ceiling tile! 

This cute picture from graduation with our
friend Isra. 

A throwback picture of GC, and the perfect
caption to go along with it. 

One of my favorite pictures from Nick and Cassie's
wedding of me and KK. There was such a beautiful
view from the church, as you can see behind us. 

A crappy quality photo of my favorite senior portrait. 

My before and after collage of my most recent haircut. 

This incredibly unflattering group picture
from Cunningham Falls. 

Capturing the awkwardness that is Facetiming

This horrifying face swap of my brother and his girlfriend. 

Followed by the beautiful face of Ritesh Rajan, the celebrity
whom I vow to marry. 

A basic-white-girl picture from the rodeo last week. 

This Jersey shore-esque snapshot of AP and MR
at AP's bonfire. 

This beautiful photo of Moriah Peters and Joel Smallbone (of for KING & COUNTRY)
on their wedding day, sharing their first kiss ever. :) :) :)

     So there you have it folks, that's what I've been looking at for the past few months. This was fun. Maybe I'll do this again the next time I upload my pictures.



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