A Really Short Review Of Paper Towns

This review has to be short because i'm writing it right before work so it might be a little jumbled.
I read the book a few years ago and I honestly didn't have high expectations for the movie.
I'll tell you this.
I was blown away.
A lot of times I find simple movies boring. I like more action packed, dramatic etc. This movie or book wasn't really any of those things and it was still awesome. DL, SE and I went yesterday and we would have been the only people in the theater if there wasn't these two other people who we probably really annoyed. I found myself tearing up, laughing so hard and feeling all the feels basically.

The funny scenes:

  •  The scene where they sang the pokemon song I just died. I have no idea why I thought it was funny but it was and I couldn't stop myself. 
  • The Black Santa collection
  • The pee in the car. I also died of laughter.
The feeling all the feels

  • The beginning scene
  • The bank Scene.
  • Any part where Q, Ben and Radar got serious.
  • When the group goes to Agloe
  • The ending, oh my gosh the ending.
Now on the the serious stuff.  I came home and wrote a long journal entry and because I don't want to bore you i'll share a small part of it. The quote in the book and the movie that I wasn't surprised they used was this.

"Maybe Margo loved mysteries so much she became one."
I will admit I did not love Margo in the book or the movie. I think Margo really did think that she was a mystery and she loved the fact that people were always looking for her. At the same time I think she  thought she was original but she's actually not. Because the the truth is, is that we all want to be a mystery in some way. We want someone like Q to come and find us whether that be literally or metaphorically because in a way that means we're loved and wanted. That's why not all of us are open book, we want people to have to work to find out who we truly are. Maybe we don't even know and we believe that someone can help us out.
Also I loved that they talked about growing up and the "American dream" isn't the only good dream out there and that was good that Margo told Q that in some way.



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