Sometimes Things Don't Work Out (for a reason)

     For my Spanish class we have to complete ten hours of community service at approved-of locations for the honors portion of the class. Last week, I emailed one of the organizations about becoming a reading buddy. I never heard back, even after I called twice. Since the deadline for having committed to a volunteer place was yesterday, I decided to apply somewhere else. And I heard back hours later! Now I'm going to attend the training session in West Philly on Sunday. I signed up to be a writing mentor for an 11-18 year-old kid (hopefully closer to the 11 side). I'll meet with them for an hour and a half every week and we'll work on stories and poems and projects together and I guess I'll also just be there to listen to anything they're going through in their life. I'm so excited! This is what I want to be doing for the rest of my life and I get to try it out next week! And it's all because the other thing fell through. Just like what happened with finding my roommate. :) Good things don't work out because better things are meant to. :)

Day 1027 Song Recommendation: "Fear" by Ben Rector.
-SE Wagner


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