"Real" Life

     Well I'm home from my last vacation of the summer which means that summer is officially over. I know, I know, we still have four days before school starts. It's over though. Done. Finished. Gone. And I am not too thrilled. I was thinking in the car today on the way home that it seems like I age ten times faster over the summer. It's like, during the school year nothing really happens to make me age in any way, shape, or form but in the summer I do stuff and go places and have lots of time alone to think and I feel older when it's over. And looking back, it seems like my life, my aging, has been measured by summers. The summer we went to Such and Such a Place, the summer me and So and So went to Blah Blah, the summer I learned to Yada Yada. But at the same time, school feels like my "real life" and summer is my vacation from that life. But there's never any escaping the knowledge that I do have to go back, that until I am retired or dead, my real life will always be waiting when summer is over. It's sad. Tis life. 

Day 629 Song Recommendation: "Search Party" by Sam Bruno.
-SE Wagner 


  1. I was kind of thinking the same thing earlier today! Like summer is when I become "older and wiser" but then I have to go back to school and be young and naive again. Or something like that. Summer makes me feel different somehow.


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